In our overweight society the craze for weight loss is everywhere from; surgeries, diet centers, pills, powders, juices, supplements, cleanse techniques, diets, and diet plans, with just as many promises. How do you know what to try? What do you spend your money on to get the results you want? What is the latest weight loss trend that really works? Buy this, eat this, and try this. Is it approved by the FDA? I even came across a new diet trick – weight-loss perfume!!!! It becomes overwhelming to say the least.
These fads are numerous and easy to find because people are always trying to find a quick and easy fix. A non-diet approach to dropping pounds may not seem like a popular solution because it is not one of “Instant Gratification” but it is “Gratifying” and here’s why:
1) This approach is one that can be used for a lifetime.
2) Can be used whether you are eating with your family or eating alone. Eating at home or dining out.
3) It has been proven that if you follow a few guidelines, you will slim down.
4) You will not only reduce your body size, you will also begin to think differently in recognizing why you are overeating.
5) The non-diet approach is safe, you eat regular food!
6) No strict meal plans.
7) No starving.
8) Because you learn a new lifestyle around food you not only lose pounds, but also maintain it.
9) You do not deprive yourself of the foods you love.
10) You learn to forgive and love yourself, inside and out.
That’s why it is so exciting, and gratifying, for me to share keys to a non-diet approach to slimming down with clients through motivational one on one coaching. This coaching and time together gives the support to get started and keep clients on track to stick to their plan. As a Life Transitional/Body Breakthrough Coach it is my #1 priority to give my clients the tools, support and service they are looking for. My passion is empowering my clients to achieve their goals and build confidence in their ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
So what do you say, stop putting your life on hold, and let’s work together and make a non-diet approach like, the new diet craze!!
If you would like to learn more about my coaching techniques and how schedule a Complimentary Coaching Session, please contact me at my websitet: to get started today!

Author's Bio: 

Lynne Tiede is a Workshop Leader, Inspirational Speaker, and Certified Life Transitional/Body Breakthrough Coach

Lynne helps Successful 40+ Women who feel stuck, accelerate results, discovering true self while facing common midlife transitions. She helps her clients discover true happiness and direction to create a life of purpose and fulfillment. Lynne does this through Workshops, Seminars, Group and One on One Coaching.