Zinc deficiency affects over 80% of the adult population. It is a vital trace element required in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. Athletes, pregnant and lactating women, sexually active males and anyone feeling the stresses and strains of modern life all have increased demands for zinc. The clinical range of the symptoms of zinc deficiency vary from decreased immunity to low libido, from poor skin, hair and nails to macular degeneration, from prostate health issues to hormonal balancing.

However, for those of us who feel they need more zinc than their diet provides the job of choosing the right zinc supplement can be daunting as there are so many brands and stories on the market. Choosing oyster capsules is not something many may have considered, but as natures highest source of naturally occurring zinc, they are certainly worth a try. The rest of this article will give you ten reasons why oyster extract capsules are the superior zinc supplement on the market today.

1. Oysters are the highest NATURAL source of zinc, tens times higher in fact than the next source which is beef.

2. Oyster capsules not only contain zinc, they contain all of the 59 trace elements our body needs for the correct physiological functioning of all the biochemical pathways.

3. The zinc in oyster capsules is naturally bound to amino acids which makes it very bioavailable. This is more effective than chelated zinc supplements and far superior to synthetic zinc supplements.

4. The zinc in oyster capsules is balanced with other key co-factor elements such as copper, manganese and selenium in a way that makes them work better together. This balancing is done by nature, as nature intended. No other zinc supplement can boast this fact.

5. Oyster capsules are not only high in zinc, they contain many other interesting compounds which benefit general health. Clinical work has shown they can increase glutathione levels counteracting fatigue, increase immunity and improve sexual health.

6. Oyster capsules are classed as a Superfood. Because they are not synthetic there is no danger of upsetting the body's biochemistry by taking more if you so wish. People taking 12-16 capsules daily have reported zero fatigue. Many athletes take higher doses due to their increased demands with amazing results.

7. The holistic effect on the body's biochemistry of using oyster capsules has been well documented since ancient times. In traditional Chinese medicine oyster extract has been used for centuries for liver cleansing and sexual health.

8. Oyster capsules are cutting edge nutrition. Research is currently being carried out in several institutions around the world to investigate what other bio active compounds they contain and to better understand the positive health benefits users report.

9. Oyster capsules are cost effective. Taking them ensures your body's biochemistry is well balanced. Taking lots of synthetic, elemental trace element supplements in the hope of achieving the same result is more risky and more expensive.

10. The production of oyster capsules is sustainable and because the oyster shells lock carbon out of the atmosphere there is a net reduction in atmospheric carbon from the process. The best oyster extract capsules do not include shell. It is usually traded on for other manufacturing processes.

A cautionary note: Not all oyster extracts are the same. Some can be up to 20 times more potent in terms on zinc concentration than others. This is due to differences in region and seasonal harvesting applied by the different manufacturers. This difference is also usually reflected in the price. Check with your supplier before you make a purchase to ensure they are selling a high zinc oyster capsule. Think before you zinc!

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Stephen Kavanagh is a Marine Biologist and nutrition activist. His company, Marine Healthfoods Ltd. is developing a range of bioactive whole food supplements. To learn more about the most potent oyster extract powder available, zinc deficiency, zinc supplements, the benefits of zinc therapy or to try the product visit: http://www.oystermax.com