Conducting a seminar or providing a business networking opportunity takes a little planning. Don't fret if you do not have a masters' degree in marketing. All that's required is a little pre-planning and attention to details. These few things can launch a ho-hum business seminar into a very captivating and valuable event.

First you will need to find a location. This location should provide adequately new facilities so that guests feel pampered not some old ramshackle conference center during the Space Age. Parking, freeway access, airports and other ease of movement factors should be considered, depending how large the meeting will be.

There should be a hefty guest list of professionals who are on the move or connected to those who are making trends in the local marketplace. Special guests may be highlighted to give brief speeches like Tips on how to market your business better, or what pitfalls to avoid, for example.

A great behind the scenes staff can make or break important events. Like mortar between the bricks, these are the grass roots customer service personnel, namely the coat check, reception, waitresses, caterers, ushers, parking lot assistants and cleanup crew.

Upon arrival, each guest should be warmly greeted, invited to sign the guest book and given a name badge. They will remove their coat at the coat check, be given a drink (perhaps champagne?), and invited to mingle.

A new trend in business networking conferences is speed networking. It's a spinoff of speed dating. One minute per associate, then switch tables. This gives guests maximal exposure to the guests without uncomfortable silences for incompatible interests.

While you are at it, take advantage of social media. Advertise your event on Facebook, share it, and write a blog entry about it as you pull the details together – before, during and after! A tweet or two wouldn't hurt, either!

The conference center should be graced with at least two giant banners – one in the conference arena and one in the lobby, if possible. These huge banners should be simple but give the guests the comfort of knowing that they've come to the right place.

Parting gifts should be given afterwards – a pen, pad, or other memento with the date and logo of the firm hosting the event.

A special guest can be a featured keynote speaker. This person may be a leader or retired leader in the industry, whose knowledge and insider experience can be considered valuable to the attendees. This keynote speaker may have a book he or she wants to promote. A combination payment / promo opportunity can be given the speaker who may jump at the opportunity.

Advertisers may want to help sponsor the event if they feel that it’s an opportunity to impact the public, if they feel that adequate exposure will be given to their related product or service. Cash in on it and have a great conference!

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