Have a sense of wonder
When was the last time you glazed with wonder and amazement at the vast starlit sky, or lay on the daisy-laden grass and felt fresh air nourish your soul?
As we grow older, our busy lives can consume us and we forget to have a sense of wonder. Today, act like a child and let your mind speculate, question and marvel at everything around you. Go and roll down a hill, get soaked in the rain, climb a tree, watch the sunrise, swim in the sea, watch the clouds drift by or simply spend time with children – the true wonder of human life.

Follow your heart
What is it that makes your heart sing, fills your belly with fire or lights up your face? We all have things that we are passionate about in life, things that are dear to us or close to our heart. Ask yourself: What is it that makes my heart sing? Is it nature; is it painting, writing, reading, sports, creating, music, children – what is it you’re naturally draw to? When we follow our heart we are in total alignment with our higher self and when we are in this state, life flows, it becomes effortless and is a joy to live.
What are you going to do today to follow your heart?

Love yourself.
It has become very clear to me over recent years that those people to have higher levels of self-esteem seem to live happier more successful lives. They have better relationships, more fulfilling jobs, good health, more money and seem to be liked by everyone. Why so? Everything and everyone you attract into your life is a reflection of what you feel you deserve. Learning to accept and love yourself, really is the key to happiness and confidence.
Create a ‘me’ journal and start collecting evidence of just how amazing you are. This may consist of photos; magazine cut outs, positive statements, compliments, your own thoughts, ideas and dreams. By creating your ‘me’ journal you’re helping to change your mindset and create new positive beliefs. When you can start to truly recognize how wonderful you actually are, your life will blossom in every way.

Get some zeds
Statistics shows that a whopping 85% of UK adults don’t get enough sleep each night. Sleeping less than seven hours per night increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression. Also, not getting enough zeds can also leave us feeling sluggish, de-motivated and apathetic about life. So, are you getting enough sleep? If not, how is this affecting you?
This week become a ‘sleep junkie’ go to bed early, have a lie-in and nap when you can throughout the day. Restore your sleep tank and notice the difference it

Become altruistic
There is something wonderful about giving to others without expecting anything in return. It opens our hearts and makes us feel happy and content.
Follow your spontaneous instinct today and give to others, whether that is a simple smile, a tender unexpected kiss, a hot cup of coffee or holding a door open for a stranger. As the late motivational guru Jim Rohn once said, “Giving is better than receiving”.

No gossiping please!
We must not overlook the influence that others have on us. How many times a day to you find yourself getting caught up in gossip or negative conversations? To what extent are you being influenced by this negativity? I think you’ll be surprised at the answer. Gossiping might seem like an everyday occurrence, but it has the potential to make or break your day. Negative thoughts are the seeds to negative actions. Be mindful of how much pessimism you’re consuming, switch off the television, put down the newspaper, mix with those of a sunnier disposition and remember to always look for the good in everything and everyone.

Set goals.
When was the last time you set yourself a goal? Studies tell us that only 3% of people in the UK set goals and those that do are among the wealthiest in the country. So what about those that don’t set goals? Well, I call them plodders!
In order to achieve the things you want in life, whether that’s to lose weight, become more self sustainable, meet someone special or take up a new hobby, you need to set specific and measurable goals. Goals keep us moving forward, they keep us motivated, and ultimately achieving our goals makes us happy!
Decide on three areas of your life where improvement is needed and set one goal within each area. Ensure you write these goals down and you put them somewhere you can see them everyday!

Focus on the good.
We are so conditioned in our daily lives to look for the negative; we whinge about our jobs, the economy, our relationship, the kids, even the weather... but remember this, focusing on the pessimistic side of life is simply a bad habit. We are so conditioned to focusing on the negative that it becomes a normal part of our everyday life. I challenge you to find at least one good quality in everyone you meet today, no matter how many defects are visible to you. Watch your gossiping and say only good things
about people. Also, why not make a list of things you’re grateful for, from your wonderful partner and family to the clothes on your back. Spend two minutes reading your list each night before you go to bed and before long you will notice a shift in your attitude. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to take a much-needed step back and look at just how magnificent our lives actually are.

Define your boundaries.
Do you seem to always find yourself saying ‘YES’ when every inch of your body is screaming ‘NO!’ Do others take advantage of your good nature? If this describes you then it’s time to set some boundaries. When we gives too much of ourselves we wind up feeling overwhelmed, tired and deflated. Decide today what your new boundaries are, write them down and stick them on your fridge door. But most importantly, start enforcing them. The happier you are the happier those around you will be!

Time out!
How often do you really set aside time for yourself in your busy routine?
Can you make some time for yourself today, just for you, with no interruptions, to sit, reflect and recharge your batteries? No chores, no kids, no TV, no computer, no gym. Just time alone for you to focus your thoughts, check your priorities, to make sure nothing is weighing heavy on your mind. Set some time alone each day, even five minutes will do. Relax and enjoy some time alone with your own thoughts.
If you don’t, you might just miss meeting the most important person in your life today... YOU!

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As one of the UK’s leading life coaches Louise Presley-Turner has literally helped turn around the lives of numerous individuals, who perhaps like you are sick and tired of feeling trapped by their current circumstances. Featured in some of the top women’s glossy magazines such as Woman & Home as well as magazines and newspapers up and down the country her unique style of coaching has produced some amazing results, helping people to define their goals and turn their lives around with amazing success. visit WWW.THEGAMEOFLIFE.CO.UK