Beliefs are the foundation from which we stand. They are formed through experience, observation, heritage, and environment. They dictate our reactions and actions. If we are stressed it is due to a belief plus an experience for which we gave a meaning too. If we are angry, it is because we had an experience that we created meaning to that lead to a new belief.

Success is the same. If we succeed, and if we don't, stands on the foundation of our beliefs. In order to change our success, we must first find the belief we are standing on. This is accomplishable through remembering an experience or through awareness of an action.

As you read each belief, jot down your thoughts on where the trunk of its tree stands. Feel free to explore positive or negative. Dr. Win Wenger, author of The Einstein Factor and others, shares that an EEG shows 80% of the brain involves visual responses, less than 5% is involved in conscious experience and the remaining 15% plus taps into the unconscious. Find the visual response, the 80% and work with the 15% and you are 95% home free to changing the belief.

After each belief, ask yourself the following questions:

* Do I really believe this?

* Do I want to change this belief, if not?

* What visual response is connected with this? Are there more than one? Qhat, why, and when did they occur?

* Is it true today? Was it ever true?

* What belief do I choose to replace it with that guides me towards my desires?

Here are ten beliefs to begin your evaluation process:

1. Believe there is a new person transiting over to buy your product or service every day. Joe Vitale says, "There is a customer born every minute." He has written a book with the same name. This means there are 60 new customers born in the last hour alone.

2. Believe that it takes skyrockets to get people’s attention in today’s market. &nbspAnything less doesn't matter. Do you believe thinking bigger isn't for you? What fears arise from thinking about sending up skyrockets?

3. Believe in mass media even if you are a mom and pop store. What is your belief about using mass media? Do you know what it means? How can it help you succeed?

4. Believe in people’s curiosity and use it to your advantage. Where do you create curiosity in your business? In your marketing? In your product or service? Do you believe you need to tell customers everything in order to make a sale all the time?

5. Believe in the power of the written word (print media). What are your beliefs when reading ads or newspaper articles? Just changing one word, like writing to jotting it down can shift a belief. Writing sounds hard, jotting easy. Every word has its own energy and it is either negative or positive. Explore the words you use consistently.

6. Believe in advertising, free or paid. Do you believe advertising is a waste of money? Do you believe if you don't get an immediate response, that it doesn't work? What do you need to have it pay off?

7. Believe in people helping people for a good cause. &nbspDo you believe that you have to do it yourself to be done 'right'? Do you believe one is better than two, or three?

8. Believe in your assets as well as every else’s. Do you believe in what you have to offer? Do you believe in other people’s assets?

9. Believe a loss is just an opportunity. Do you fall apart when a boy/girl friend leaves? Do you fall apart when the basement floods or the car breaks down? Learn not to bat an eye when something goes wrong.

10. Believe that every word you speak, says volumes about who you are and what you want. Do you say what you mean and mean what you say? Do your words match your beliefs?

Some or all of these may fit currently. Some may lead into expanding thoughts, while others don't apply. Open some space and explore any belief standing in your way to success. It is well worth the time. Maybe this question will help: "How’s that working for me?"

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