When we make a commitment to expand and grown in our lives, there isn’t a blueprint to guide us into an expansion of consciousness in our daily lives. I have taught people to increase efficiency and serenity in their daily lives by using the philosophy of investment. If we are to increase our financial worth, we must be willing to adopt a plan that will move us gradually toward our financial goals. So it is with our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Through daily investment in self-care, our lives gradually begin to expand in all areas. To achieve this, we must follow a consistent plan that will produce dividends of increased productivity, happiness, health and opportunities that move us toward our goals. Just as wealth is built through the philosophy of taking a percentage of what we earn and putting it into a savings account, serenity is achieved by taking a percentage of our day and devoting it to a healthy attitude. This includes time for reflection, thankfulness for our blessings, proactive, positive thinking, maintaining our physical bodies through good food, water and exercise, As wealth grows by adding to our savings consistently, so does are overall health improve through daily acts of self-care.

The following is a simple ten-step process that can support you in the development of spiritual, emotional and physical health. You are worth this investment. After ten days, you will see the difference in the amount of energy, clarity and focus in your life. Your only investment will be a small portion of your time and an intention to bring positive change into your reality.

Listed below are ten easy steps you can take to increase your intuitive ability.

1. Commit to taking fifteen minutes a day for reflection, relaxation, meditation or prayer. If fifteen minutes is too much, make it ten minutes; you can increase the time as you feel more comfortable. After the seventh day, you will begin to see that your body and mind will cherish this time to relax and to reflect. You may even find that the time in meditation will increase effortlessly. The most important thing about this step is that you are making a commitment to listen to your intuitive voice.

2. Fear is an emotion that normally occurs in all of us. Using the energy of this fear creatively allows for transformation of the fear to personal empowerment. Acknowledge any fear that you have about change in your life. An affirm such as “I am afraid of change and I chose to bring opportunity, health and balance to my life” will assist in the acknowledgment that these fears can be transformed into creativity. You have the power within you to accomplish this through daily affirmation of your personal power, commitment to daily maintenance through working your action plan, taking one day at a time and releasing any obstacle such as limited thinking, habits and old thought patterns. If you fail to keep your commitments to yourself, become aware that you may recommit to your process within a moment. The instant you recommit, know that you are back on track and your energy is flowing toward your intentions, commitments, personal and business goals.

3. Commit to monitoring your thoughts throughout your day. When you hear any negative self-talk, acknowledge it, change your thinking by affirming all you have accomplished and will accomplish. If it is a specific thought pattern that recurs, which attacks a specific part of your vulnerability, such as “I am never going to get anywhere”, immediately and consistently affirm the positive outcome such as “I am afraid and I affirm that each step of my day results in sowing seeds for my success.”

4. Do one day at a time. Today is a new day to be valued as an opportunity. Each moment of our day creates our future. Value the moments. What you do with your thinking and self-care today, affects your mind, body and spirit tomorrow. Affirm your success, abundance and well-being, give thanks for all of your blessings.

5. Commit to meditating or prayer, each day to feed your mind, body and spirit. Work a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual program daily even if you have to do it a minute at a time. You can accomplish all four of these with a walk around the block. A walk around the block each day establishes a pattern of intention and commitment to your overall health. If you miss one day, recommit. The secret to success, balance and health is consistency.

6. Look at something green every day. Have nature touch you by affirming the wonder of the wind on your face, the sun on your arm as you are driving, the beauty of the sky or the color of flowers. Nature nurtures and changes our brain chemistry. It is important to acknowledge the existence of the natural world around us and give thanks. Science has proven that when you are feeling down, the green color of leaves, trees, grass and flowers lifts our spirits and changes our brain chemistry. We become lighter and more capable of performing actions that enhance our life and our moods after a walk or exercise.

7. Keep on going, even, if it seems hard to do. Your life is a work of art in progress. Breakdowns can be breakthroughs if we direct our minds to changing an obstacle to a challenge. When you’re feeling low on energy, it is sometimes impossible to see an obstacle in a positive way. Make a commitment to do one positive thing for yourself. Personal deficit and lack of self-care decrease our mental, emotional and physical energy. Take two moments to stretch your body and place your attention on a positive, pleasurable experience that you have had such as a relaxing time, a scene from nature, a beautiful image that you have seen in your past that represents peace or joy to you. Your subconscious is in the ever present now. The mind doesn’t know the difference between if you are actually there or not. It brings a change to your body chemistry because you are flooded with endorphins that refresh your being. This small act is a commitment to change and self-care. You will change your brain by changing your mind and taking your body and spirit on a two minute vacation.

8. When you fall off your program, recommit. Recommitment is one of the most important keys to the success of your life. It helps reprogram your brain and empowers you to establish new patterns of behavior.

9. The power of release allows us to change and grow, even when we are afraid. When we release something, we are in a state of surrender and birth. Release affirms change. It takes courage and faith. Through release, we can get in touch with our higher power or as some people call it God, higher power or the universe. At that moment, we trust that we don’t have to do it alone. Surrender brings us to moments of faith. This process creates a turning point in our lives. Release brings room for expansion and change.

10. Thanksgiving brings the power of possibilities. Thanksgiving brings you space or a moment within yourself that gives you the opportunity to let go of worry and anxiety. As you give thanks for all of the blessings and opportunities in your life past, present and future, you allow yourself to open the door to change. Thankfulness is an act of surrender to something higher than yourself. Surrendering to a higher power places you in a state of faith. A state of faith brings joy, peace, serenity and opportunities because it doesn’t reside in the rational mind - it resides in your heart. This helps you develop an increased awareness of your creativity and unlimited possibilities, which reaches beyond self- limiting beliefs and behaviors - expanding your vision of your future.

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Jo Anne founded Crossing Bridges and Associates to bring structure to her passion. Her techniques educated her clients and audiences. She believes that all of us are intuitive, with individually unique human potential.

She developed Strategic, Integrated Success Strategies to support people in developing the powerhouse that lies within them through their subconscious and conscious minds. This program is a state-of-the-art, fast paced learning tool that increases her clients ability to access the creativity, innovatiion, widsom, and clarity that is offered by the intuitive gifts within each individual and at the same time with the crystal clear linear skills of the rational mind. New brain research is finally catching up with what ancient spiritual teacher have taught for centuries.

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