Decide to see the world in terms of the ideals of love, joy and service. In this article we will discuss ten simple mind steps you can take that will increase your power to live the life you choose rather than a life that just happens to you.

You create your life experience, whether you believe you do or not. It’s kind of like saying the law of gravity is nonsense. You can say it is so; you may believe it is so; but whether you believe in the law of gravity or not, does not change the law of gravity one little bit. So you create your experience with your beliefs and expectations. Life is about viewpoint and attitude and that is why life tends to give us what we expect.

However we can break out of this confining, limiting, constrictive space where we play a victim role if that is where we find ourselves from time to time. You protest you do not play victim, but unless you deliberately create your experience and design it the way you want, then you are letting fate cast your lot in life. Now we will see how we can take control by using our mind to create our reality and experience.

1. Realize you will never have all the answers and that the way life unfolds is fundamentally a mystery.

2. Ask this question and write down your answer: How can I make a difference for others?

3. Then do what you feel inspired to do. Be willing to take real action steps to take you to the next level. Write down these action steps first.

4. Any project or service worth pursuing will attract criticism and resistance. Take these in your stride. Any energy directed at you, you can turn to your advantage. It’s all energy; it’s what we do with it that counts. If you do not attract resistance, it means no-one is paying attention.

5. Realize that behind every desire we have, lies a deeper desire. Tune in to your intuition to learn what You are teaching yourself. Only when you have experienced what you teach will your teaching move others.

6. You cannot run away from yourself. Where ever you go, you will be there. Who ever you see, it is your reflection. Your life mirrors who you have chosen to be up till now. Tomorrow you can write a different story if you want to.

7. Realize that of the countless beings living courtesy of Creator, you are unique. You are no accident; you are already perfect but you just do not realize it yet. Use the torch of joy to light your way.

8. Where you find no love in your life, put love, and you will find it. To inject love, BE and FEEL love. The same goes for joy, kindness, fun and whatever else you desire.

9. Regard everyone you meet as your father, mother, sister, brother, son or daughter, according to age and circumstance. You are related by love to every person who touches your life. Relate consciously.

10. Be grateful for all things. Gratitude places your focus on positive experience, and what you focus on (energize) you create and attract more.

These ten mind steps of conscious living will help you create the life and experience you desire. You are the creator of your life. So what’s on tomorrow’s menu?

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Marie C. Barrett, author, teacher and holistic spiritual coach, teaches possibility thinking, using mind, emotions and feelings in the process of deliberate manifesting, especially in relationships. Discover more prosperity strategies at and see Marie's blog at