Arthritis sufferers have to deal with long-term pain. This is an unpleasant symptom of the condition and can have a significant impact on quality of life. Tens machine hire can provide an effective and side effect free way to treat arthritis pain.

Why Hire Tens Machines

Finding more natural ways to deal with arthritis pain is an important part of the treatment process. Although prescription pain killers are very effective they can cause a number of negative side effects. This can be very unpleasant for the patient and can cause as much trouble as the condition itself.

- This is why many patients turn to tens machine hire.

- Ten machines have been shown to provide effective pain relief for conditions such as arthritis.

- This is a more natural way to treat pain and there are no risks of negative side effects for patients to worry about.

- Tens machines are effective on a number of pain related conditions and can also provide pain relief in labour.

Do they Really Work?

Many people find it difficult to believe you could get effective treatment for arthritis pain without drugs. However there are many more natural options available. Tens machines are actually very clever and use the body’s own processes to block pain:

- Tiny electrical impulses travelling through the nervous system alert the body to pain. The message of pain originates from the area that is damaged.

- Electrodes from a tens machine can be placed around the area causing pain. When the machine is turned on these electrodes begin emitting their own tiny electrical impulses.

- These interfere with the ones carrying the message of pain to the brain and so in effect work to block pain.

- There are no invasive drugs used that can affect the body with tens machines, just a gentle manipulation of the natural process of pain.

A tens machine will not work to treat the cause of the pain. Instead it will work to help the body to manage the pain symptom itself without causing any ill effects.

Where to Hire Tens Machine

You get tens machine hire in most cases from your local health centre, doctors surgery or hospital. Your doctor may guide you to a hire service as part of your overall treatment plan. Alternatively there are now a number of online tens machine hire services now available.

You will be able to quickly search for a hire service on the Internet. Once you have paid the tens machine will be delivered directly to your door. Online hire services often have much more choice than local health centre ones. This is ideal if you cannot find a service in your area or you would prefer the convenience of ordering online.

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Tens machine hire is available online. This is a great way to find the perfect device to help you manage the pain caused by arthritis.