Love is like a double blade knife. At one edge it's inspiring, at the other it's expiring. While it makes one live, at some point it can also be fatal. At times it encourages but there are times when it discourages.

Undeniably, most heartbroken gals tend to become desperate especially at the early stage of breakup. Some would drown themselves in alcohol and endless partying to the point that they become self destructive, ruining themselves as well as their career. Others would live like zombies. As if their world stopped spinning and everything around them turned gray. Worst are those being suicidal in nature. In all of these situations, there is only one major goal - to win back his love no matter what it takes.

Let us examine several situations that may actually happen to you. In fact, any of these might as well cross your mind while thinking of ways on how to get him back.

You two happen to be office mates and by coincidence you were assigned to work under one project. Just because you know him so well, you'd decide in his behalf or you might put words in his mouth. Remember, a man's ego or pride is as priceless as his love for you. Try to step back a little bit. Give him space and stop acting like his nanny, his teacher, or his mother.

You might want to submit to him even just this time. Or you can also act out independently by suggesting your own ideas apart from his. Sometimes, men are attracted to independent ex's especially if they see that their ex girlfriends still look fine and can still act professionally even if they're around. Win his admiration at this point.

In your room, you feel like you've already exhausted all efforts but still not generating any positive outcome. He's still not into you. Then all of a sudden you thought of getting the help of his friends or even some of your common friends. Don't be such a wimp, darling. It's better to live in your world alone for a while than to be with common friends from whom you'd expect sympathy. Sending a good friend of his to seek for advice may be great but it will only make you look weak and desperate.

Perfect timing is key. If one day you're invited to be with common friends, then that's the time to show your being sad, down, and heartbroken. But please don't overdo the drama. No one wins as best actress when one is overacting. After all, if the friends feel that you need help and if they really care for the two of you, with or without you asking for their help they will reach out to him and tell him what you're going through.

How about if you make him jealous by letting him know, in one way or another, that you are being pursued by someone much better than him. Sweetie, if hope is a toxin then jealousy is a poison. Remember that! Making him jealous by being with a fake lover will not only make you a cheap backstabbing girlfriend but it will, most importantly, prove to him that he was right in leaving you anyway. Fake lover or not, it's better to show him that you're better off alone than make him feel less a man by being with someone.

Out of desperation, you thought of going to his place wearing that super sexy outfit of yours thinking that with great sex you might as well win him back. If he's a maniac, or a sex addict who left you because you couldn't satisfy him on bed, then go head. But if he's someone for real or a husband material please don't do it. It is important that you don't lose yourself as you try to win him back. Do not succumb to desperation. Give yourself a little dignity.

Lies, white or not, are still lies. Some women would lie about being pregnant, being sick to almost dying of whatever disease, or being suicidal. Remember that if you want to be treated with honest and sincere love, you shouldn't win him back by lying to him. What if he finds out in the end? Will he still love you? Lying is a big NO NO. He is the love of your life and not a dirty old rich man who would give in to threats for the sake of love. That's like committing a crime of passion...and that really sucks!

Win him back fairly. Give him the space that he needs but try to make him love you back while he is enjoying the break. He will miss you if he really loves you. Just like what an old adage would say "If you love someone, let him go. If he comes back to you, he's yours forever. If he doesn’t, then your love was never meant to be."

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