One of the most effective methods for you to enhance your credibility and trust with prospective clients is with strong testimonies. The place to strategically utilize testimonials are sales pages and landing pages.
Authentic client testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. There are numerous benefits in using positive client feedback including:
• You will establish your credibility quickly.
• You can set yourself apart from your competition.
• You can quickly and easily show results other clients obtained when they worked with you.

A testimonial consists of a written or spoken statement about the experience someone has had with you, your product or service or your company. Keep testimonials specific to the subject matter of your report.

Potential customers are most likely to believe testimonials from trustworthy clients than they are to believe you tooting your own horn. It is not unheard of for a new client to make a buying decision based upon a testimonial.

There are two primary testimonials you can use:
 Results driven
 Feel good

Three primary parts to a well-developed testimonial
 Situation
 Solution
 Result(s)

You will find a results driven testimonial tends to work better than simply a feel good one.
Let's say I am promoting a report on how to build an opt-in subscriber list the first example below is more effective than the second.

Example One

"I increased my opt-in database by 300% in less than a month with Kathleen Gage's step-by-step list building method."

Example Two

"Kathleen Gage is really fun to work with."

Although the second is nice, it's not as effective. When you use testimonials use those that will give you the greatest bang for your buck (and you potential buyer's buck).

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