Let's talk a little about male hormones ...

Anything that makes you a man is obviously not based on how much testosterone you have. But a very large part of both your manhood and your well-being is affected by the amount of T in your body.

So because testosterone has a big impact on your life, it seemed reasonable to compile a clear and useful guide to everything you will ever need to know about testosterone, the male sex hormone.

Testosterontillskott in Sweden: 101

Before we go into what ”testosterontillskott” does and what the risks associated with testosterone deficiency ( which is an important topic ), we need to first understand what testosterone is.

Testosterone is a hormone mainly produced in the testes and is in the Androgens (which itself is steroid hormones ). They often call testosterontillskott in Sweden for male hormones, although both women and men produce it. However, produces men tend to have significantly more testosterone, hence the nickname: Male hormones.

Testosterone is the governing various classic male characteristics such as:
• The voice ( dark or light )
• muscle mass
• Sexualdriften
• beard
• Hair Loss

We produce testosterone already in the fetal stage, but the levels are relatively low until puberty when they are soaring. This results in the classical puberty "symptoms" as målbrott, acne, mood uneven and excessive muscle growth. Read more about testosterontillskott here.

Why do you have testosterone?

You could say that testosterone function is to increase sex drive, ensure good muscle mass and generally enhance the male traits and characteristics.
This is obviously not the scientific formulation, but from a evulotionärt perspective, it's all about to mate and to ensure that one's offspring lives on. Testosterone function is to make man as much of an alpha male as possible.

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