As the Auto Insider I applaud Mr. Stewart. When I first started working in the auto industry I was one time time much more youthful & naive. When I learned what dealer fees were I was one time time shocked that this practice was legal. How could a dealer get away with charging customers fees that have no substance! I quickly learned the practice of charging these fees is not only legal, it condoned in most states. & these fees are not petty, I have heard of automobile dealers charging dealer fees that exceed $2,200! Imagine the nerve of a automobile dealer to put an additional charge of hundreds or thousands of dollars on top of their purchase cost on every automobile they sell without providing any service or benefit to the customer in return for this charge. Couple the close relationship of politicians & automobile dealers with the fact that there is no consumer protection from dealer fees this situation reflects the worst elements of both our political technique & capitalist society.

These are fees that are seldom discussed outside of the auto industry's inner circle until recently. Surprisingly it is a automobile dealer in Florida who is bringing attention to these fees. This automobile dealer, Earl Stewart has gone to his state legislators to try & make the practice of charging dealer fees illegal in Florida. Regrettably for the people of Florida, their state senators do not agree with Mr. Stewart & they have refused to legislate any consumer protection from the unfair, hidden fees dealers use to generate hundreds if not thousands of dollars from unsuspecting customers. The reason these Senators are reluctant to provide any consumer protection from dealer fees can be found by following the money. Most state Senators depend on giant financial contributions from automobile dealers to get selected so they do not require to pass legislation that would take income away from their giant campaign contributors!

Remarkably virtually no is immune to these pocket-emptying tactics. Dealers in virtually every state use these methods to increase their bottom-line. & like most things that are shady, automobile dealers use a variety of names for these fees. When you are shopping for a automobile be looking out for any of the following types of fees: dealer fees, prep fees or preparation fees, conveyance fees, loan origination fees, alarm fees, etching fees, surroundings fees to name a few!

These fees are fundamentally wrong! Some dealers I do know keep a separate bank account for these charges & use it to buy second homes, boats, sports cars & other luxury items. & when I have questioned them about these practices they acknowledge that these fees are nothing over a device to inflate their profits.

Shop clever, ask the dealer to identify any & every fee when you are given a cost for your automobile. Lots of automobile dealers are over happy to give you the area's lowest cost knowing time you are signing the papers for your new automobile you will ignore or not even see the $2,000 dealer fee. That is why sometimes the cost is not the cost, when you are dealing with a automobile dealer!s

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