According to Mental Health America (MHA), the total population of Texas is above 26 million. There are 72.9 percent adults in TX; while 27.1 percent are below 18. More than 6 million Texans have a mental issue. This number includes 1.4 million kids. The estimate further shows that more than 1 million population in Texas have a serious psychiatric disorder for instance, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression or Schizophrenia. However, psychological issues such as anxiety and stress are also common in the state.

Crime Situation of the State

In 2016, more than 889, 989 crimes were registered in different parts of Texas. Violent and property crimes, both are prevalent in the state, as per FBI.

According to a new research, crime situation of a place also impacts the mental health of the individuals living there. People who live in safer places have lower anxiety levels than those living in the areas with high crime rates. High crime rates also increase insecurity and other problems.

What Can Be Done

The best solution is to follow protection tips in order to prevent crime and have a better mental health. Here are some of the quick tips for the residents of Texas:

Quick Tips that can have a Good Impact on Your Mental Health

Never ignore a mental health issue even if it seems trivial. In case, you have a severe mental disorder, make sure you use medicines to live a near-to-normal life. Take home security concerns seriously as they have a direct relationship with your mental well-being.

  • Use home safety devices in and around your house to increase your protection.
  • Install home entry products to ensure your entry points are secure.
  • Take advantage of home automation gadgets to manage your home in a better way.

Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras

Most mental health patients need 24-hour support and assistance. To ensure you stay with them round the clock, install mobile video surveillance cameras in all rooms of your house. Mobile video cameras can show you live streaming videos of your family members, anywhere and anytime.

For People with Major Mental Issues

Mentally-challenged individuals need more safety and protection. To provide this, use smart door locks. The smart locks can’t be tampered easily and so they ensure entryway protection. They are also called keyless entry door locks. These locks can be controlled via your smartphone or any other smart device.

Panic Button: a Great Medical Help

Offering a personal panic button to the mental health patient can help reduce their anxiety level. The button also helps restore their peace of mind. Panic button gets them medical support whenever they need them.

Home Security Systems Texas

Home security systems offer many safety and security devices recommended for people with mental health issues in Texas. Standard smart home monitoring systems charge you $0 on equipment. There are only monthly monitoring charges that make these alarms worth-a-buy.

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