Proverbs for Everyone

Text Messages for the Soul - Original Proverbs for Enlightenment, Healing and Humor

Ecstasy, Wine and Words - These Poetic Proverbial Observations, Gleaned from a Thousand Books and a "Draw Down" from Somewhere, are "Text Messages for the Soul". Scrawling out what seems an Ancient Code for some Deep Reprogramming of the Inner Part of Us. They are for Enlightenment, Healing and Humor. While there is not a Wise Saying that can finally plumb the Depths of Ecstasy, the Heights of Joy, or Deeply Realized Experience, we still try --Over Sacramental Wine or Beer and Pretzels, We craft this small are for the Immortal Human Heart.

Tale of Triumph - Its a walk. And sometimes a run, but its always Your Sacred Journey. As you come over each rise, You expand your Vision. You are meant to be Exactly Where You Are Right Now! A hundred thousand factors have put you here. What is ahead is VICTORY. A Tale of Triumph. And when you win and have come to the end, you will rejoice in every foot of that Path. And you will see in intricate detail, how everything worked together to help you arrive at this your Glorious Spot. And the Goal won't be where you are, but alas -- What You Are!

Spark of Divinity - Within the Sanctity of Work there is a Pulse, a Throbbing that is the Heart of the Universe. Within the Sacrament of Play, there is a Giddiness, A laughter that comes from the Knower of Secrets. Within your Full Consciousness there is an Awareness that is YOU. And that "you", that Spark of Divinity is down here to joyfully Participate in the Work and the Play.

Get Back to Normal -

Ego, the constantly reviving Criminal and Con Man takes the germinal essence of Divine Handiwork - "suffering" and "hard knocks", and tells you to bury it. Ignore it. Stifle. The world and the Ego say: "Get back to Normal". The Ego thinks it is the Real You and willl not permit its own transformatiion without a fight. Get back to normal is the message of Ego Continuity. It also has the hidden message. "Get back to the old suffering we are all used to." Don't work with suffering and you will "get back to normal".

Guarded by Dragons? -

If there is a "Balm in Gilead", if there is a "Pot of Gold", if there is a "State of Limitless Grace", it must be beyond the Highest Mountain, guarded by Dragons, enshrouded in Fog. For if it were as close as hands and feet, some us, just a few of us, might have it. Wouldn't we?

Avoiding Murder -

Love the person who drives you nuts with anger, who makes you mull over various ways to bloody his nose. For his particular qualities are illuminating your darker corners. This is a chance to grow if you can avoid doing murder.

Saccharin Malice -

She smiled with a twinkle, yet always showed a fang. He moved with artistry and allure, but relaxed his grin as he turned away. These people's malicious art is not in the put down, but in the lift up. It's not that the "sweet malicious" mean you harm, as much as they mean you no good. Saccharin Malice is for the Willing Potential Victim. Human Predators bop you in the head at night, sure. But you have to really watch for those who come up and essentially ask: "Are you willing to be fooled?"

Seeds -

All those "external problems" that make you anguish, come not from without, but from within. There are certain issues that turn you inside out. These issues are not their for anguish, but for growth. A seed does not get mad at the rain because it comes out of itself and grows! You can curse the rain if you will. But, you are Full of Seeds!

Momentum of Lifetimes -

Why be amazed that so many people are set in their ways? The Momentum of Lifetimes has made you quite proud of who you are! Maybe all those strange people are proud of themselves too!

Generic Narcissus -

The person who is Full of Himself will give little and take naturally. He does not think he is being Selfish. He thinks he is giving you an Opportunity to Give. He will never understand why you are disappointed with him. Notice the Amazement in his eyes, when you express your outrage. And after you vent, he looks at you with Pitying Condescension. If you let this person into your heart, you can blame yourself.

A Mental Game -

Treat your own life as if you were reading about it in the Newspaper. Treat Others Lives as if you really cared. This is a Mental Game to pass the time. And if you can, alter your outlook. Even though in the human realm, it is impossible to really accomplish, just the attempt will do something for your Perspective.

A Look from Above -

So many of us fight over Differences in our codes of morality. And the furor usually intensifies the closer the differences are. Harry and Jim fight over the proper way to Say the Name of their Shared God, as a non-believer walks by cursing their Shared God. As we rise from these Squabbles on the Ground, and take a look from Above, it reveals that very few in fact live up to their Own Code, whatever it is. We succeed in obliterating the Larger Commandments, in order to Kill Each Other over the Lesser Commandments!

"Eureka" as a Dream -

As humans we all have those moments...stunning epiphanies filled with euphoria in which Fear seems to Fall Away, and just being alive is Elevating. When all of our problems become little and Peace is paramount. This "eureka" moment awakens us from or day to day slumber. This somewhat natural tendency is offset by anotgher natural tendency...this even greater natrual tendency is to see this clarifying alertness as an aberrational Vivid Daytime Dream, that we will soon forget.

If You Will -

Be offended. If you will. Take no offense. If you will. An ill-spoken word, still must be ill taken, if you will. There are continual opportunities to alter your natural reactions, if you just......WILL.

New Job -

Yes, you're new...and so many things are expected! And oh those first impressions, and oh the anxiety! but. You have have a natural "honeymoon" period. and the load of newness will eventually all be in your subconscious below the Trauma of "Oh my gawd, how do I spell my name?" And soon, before you know it, you will be bored and not challenged anymore. So -- use your newness just to feel alive.

Try to be Alone More -

Exept for Agoraphobics and Shut-ins and Recluses, people are not alone much these days. There are a couple easy ways to tell, if you might just need to be alone more. If people drain you, try to be alone more. If you drain other people try to be alone more. If you feel like all your "commitments" will cause you to be committed, try to be alone more!

At Ease -

Yes, it's a military command: Like the opposit of "Attention". But it needs to be a New Word. Like the opposite of "Dis Ease". What is that condition called when you are Alert, Full of Felicity, Whole and Beset with Calm? AT EASE. Light hearted and at ease. When worry asks for attention, and your head entertains Disease. Snap to "At Ease".

No Thyself -

You have a degree of Enlightenment, Elevated Consciousness and thus, Personal Power, if you simply know when you are being boring, tedious, selfish, overbearing, insufferable. At those times you grab yourself by the Scruff of Your Self Awareness, and with a simple act of Will - you - "No Thyself".

A Mousetrap in your Pocket -

Ego is the Towel Man who thinks he is the Boxer. Ego is the Fan who thinks he is the Player. Ego is the Viewer, who thinks he is the Doer. While Ego is riding Shotgun, he is convincing you he is Driving. When your Con Man puts his moves on you, put a Mousetrap in your Pocket.

Subcontract the Rain Dance -

A dark and thundering rainless cloud promises your heart great showers, but the rain still is not so. Oh, perhaps it is yet to be. If it is so, many things have made it so. If it is not so, something powerful prevents it, or it is yet coming into fruition. Or, it has come and passed, and it is not so anymore. But still, it is not so, NOW. So, deal with what is so! Subcontract the Rain Dance, dig your well.

The Joy of Procrastination -

Sometimes procrastination is just your natual prioritizing of life's annoying obligations. And you end up putting off what is the leas important adn most unappealing. Then, it is joyful, as it were. Other times, procrastination has to do with paying the bills or having the most important decision made. The key with procrastination is not procrastinating about determining what you are procrastinating about.

The Uses of a Moment -

There can be marvelous space in a Moment. When terror and anxiety strike you, you can seek a refuge in your mind. In the moment, you can crowd your thoughts with the overwhelming and the irritating and there is no where to go for respite. In the moment you can be in a Heaven or a Hell. Stop. Start. Right there in the now. Conscious decisions about yoru personal state are Moment to Moment.

Swamp Thing -

The Swamp. You know those Pattens of Thought that make you obsess, keep you sleepless and overake large mounds of time? That place that you get in is somehow comfortable, but in a demotivating, self involved, sorry for yourself kind of way. And soon you feel like you are in a languid swamp. Somehow, it is both comfortable and energy sapping at the same time. Suddenly, you come to yourself and grab yourself by your own hair and throw yourself on the marshy shore and declare; "i have become a Creature in a Swamp of My Own Making".

The Core of You -

Science is showing more and more that we as individuals are utterly unique! Even though we fit into demoraphics and social schemes, we are still Individualized Selves with our owm Minds. Do not negate the Special Dreams of Self. Love should not ask for self-abnegation. The group should never ask you to dissolve. If you surrender, sacrifice or give, it should be your choice. Your Art is to be Yourself. A giving expression should be one ushered from within, not comomanded out by Others. Stay true to the Core of You, and at the End of the Day ---- There will be More of You.

A Battle on your Hands -

If you urge to plunder, plunder your convoluted motivations. If you urge to consume, consume your cravings. If you urge to propogate, propogate good will. If you urge to possess, become self-possessed. Turn the drive to Make War INWARD, and you will have a Battle on your Hands.

Soul Mate -

A Soul Mate found is a Great Blessing from Heaven. Its signals earth's groaning and heaven's yearning that a glorious thing will happen that has not happened before. A new creation of Love. The Divine, Spirits and Earth's Ambassadors watch as the Two make something brand new.

Change a Losing Game -

When calamity is all about and self-hatred is creeping and making you cuss, when a 360 degree look at your llife makes you cry, change something. You're smart. Don't change what works, but look hard at your Losing Game. Be tough with your game. Wake up and change a plan. Change an action. Change an associate, or a scheme. Move from that Losing Game. Start incremental successes. Hope will build. Unless something's happening today, tomorrow's gonna be the same way.

A Sandwich in your Thoughts -

If we only really knew it, our Mind is attached to our Gut. Dyspepsia, Disposition, Sentiment Seepage, Emotional Motility, Bug Me Microbes. The Fauna of our Brains live of the Flora of our Tummy. Energy, Temperament, Outlook, Hairy Animas - All have their origins deep in our bowels. That which first passes down your Throat ends up back in your Head in the form of a Mood -- a way of feeling about yourself. Our sandwich becomes our thoughts.

Denial - Blues or Bliss? -

Denial is fiddling while Rome burns. Denial is dealing with it by not dealin with it. Denial is appeasing the Barbarian at the Gate. Denial says: "If I don't deal with the Ugly Reality by Staing in Denial, it will be killing, but it will be killing later. I would rather be oblivious, than crippled with awareness. Denial is a retreat to a more unconscious state to avoid conscious self-help, thought is safely submerged. It is a terrified numbing amnesiac state of the Blues, disguised as Immediate Bliss.

Belief - What You Might Wish You Didn't But Do -

Belief is not where you wish you lived, it lives inside you. Belief is your collected individua opinnion about the world, the forces you acknowledge, others, you and how all those go together. Belief is what you might wish you didn't but do. Watch what you choose to believe. The saddest stories in Humanity are beliefs that explode inside the Believer and harm the rest of us. If your beliefs see you as a Contributor, that would be a belief you coudl belief you could.

Author's Bio: 

Christofer French is an Astrologer, but also a Lover of Wisdom. He has crafted these proverbs for enlightenment and self realization, so that the astrological student can contemplate its own inner texture, nature and spiritual aspirations. These were written with the spirit of self growth years ago. But they are timeless and fresh, along with being from "somewhere". Check out