How Texting Brought Us Back Together.

After two years together, my boyfriend all of a sudden decided that we were too young for a meaningful relationship. He concluded that it was necessary to go our own way and that we needed time alone. Right then and there I decided I had to figure out a way to get back with him by devising a plan.

I knew it would become difficult to watch my ex start hanging around with his friends (some female). but that would not stop me from figuring out a strategy to get him back in my arms.

Try To Manage Your Feelings

Of course, I was very angry, so naturally the first thing I did was call him continually. I spent all of my time trying to figure out what he was doing and where he was. This horrible sense of jealousy made me feel awful. Every night all I could think of was him out with his friends.

Everyone I knew started telling me to forget about him. The constant checking up on him was slowly driving me crazy. I knew I had to stop texting and calling him every day. But I felt deep down in my heart if I just gave it some time that we could fix our broken alliance.

Out of the blue, I just stopped texting him and trying to make any type of contact. Weeks passed and I maintained the separation between us.To my total surprise one-day,I ran to my phone and it was him asking me if I could come by to collect my things.

I was kind of startled but nonetheless, I agreed to meet him and pick up my stuff from his place. Afterward, I purposely stayed away and kept to myself.

Time Heals All!

A little more time passed and slowly it felt like he was starting to recognize that he was missing me. It seemed that by deliberately acting disinterested, he was finally realizing how greatly he wanted me around. I could not believe that by staying cool and going about my life that it would work! In this instance, by not calling and texting him like a crazy person it ended up working out to my benefit.

When you are in the middle of feeling sad and angry you may think that texting or calling him over and over will work. But the truth is keeping your distance and learning to be happy on your own might show them you are worthy of a second chance. Nothing is more attractive than a confident and strong woman!

Listen To Reason.

Heed the guidance of your close friends and family. At first it is hard to understand their encouragement through your never ending tears but eventually, you will see they were right.

Leaving a separation between yourself and your ex might not sound like good advice, but it can do wonders by allowing hot heads to chill out and can help remind both you of the reason you fell for each other in the first place. It's funny but in the end, it was my lack of texting that helped bring us back together... Imagine that!

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