For how long have you been looking to have a compilation of sadness-portraying texts and you couldn't find the right one?

We are not dealing with a very comfortable topic, but wanting to help you, we bring you the shortest, most disappointing and best sentences for sad Whatsapp statuses.

If you are looking for phrases that express your sadness in some way, here we share some phrases that can help you. Towards the end of the article, we also share some sad whatsapp status videos for download through YouTube.

Sad texts for WhatsApp statuses

• It's sad to know that I have you so close and I cannot even touch you.

• You smile at me, you look at me like it's all for you but still you only play with me.

• It hurts in the chest the knowledge that you could be something else, something that you were only in my dreams.

• The sad thing about being without someone is that you do not just think about that someone.

• It hurts that you are not there after you promised that we would always be together.

• It's sad when you have a nice friendship and what you want is something else.

• We both wanted something more than just looking at each other but we were not able to be more than that, just two people who look at each other.

• It hurts that you're so close and I cannot even get close.

• The sad thing about love is that if they do not love you as you do, then it hurts a lot.

• It's amazing how one can hurt you so much with just a few words.

• Words do not hurt until the person you care about tells you.

• No reason but I know it hurts not to have you near, not to talk to you.

• Every night before I go to sleep, I look at the sky and see the stars shine and I remember what I lost

• It's sad to know that you should have done something that you had a chance and you did not do anything.

• Do not let sadness keep you from seeing all the good in your life.

• When you feel sad, sometimes you can only change it for happiness.

• The sad part of life is that you cannot change your past but your future.

• It is very sad to see how we destroy each other as brothers.

• Moments in which you remember the past and do not know exactly what happened, you only know that since it happened, you have not been the same.

• I am one of the people who is deceived by saying "it is a dream" when it is sadness and "it is nothing" when it is all.

• Do not worry about people who hate you, worry about those who act to love you.

• He who wants to change the world must first change himself.

• When you miss me from the heart, remember that at some point I was there and you did not value me.

• Be very careful with all your words; once said, they can only be forgiven not forgotten.

• The sadness of the heart, no medicine can cure it.

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