Almost everyone in every part of the world is a fan of Thai food or Thai cuisine. Mainly the local cuisine of Thailand, Thai food in Mornington has gained global acclamation from global food lovers for being innovative, unique and tasty. The cuisine gained immense popularity in the 1950s when the British and the American made Thailand their popular choice for a holiday destination after the Second World War. The lovely and exotic flavour and fragrance Thai food offers have no competition in the world.

Thai Food In Mornington

The most popular Thai dish among westerners is the Tom Yum Goong soup, which is a unique combination of lime, chilli, galangal and lemongrass coupled with spiced up mushrooms and prawn. This soup is usually servable with any Thai dish and is a popular choice for anyone who orders Thai food or visits a Thai food restaurant in Mornington. There are many other dishes as well, which you can order whenever you want to have a nice evening at a restaurant or want to order in for a quiet and peaceful night at home.

There are quite a few factors which have contributed and continue to contribute to the success and popularity of Thai cuisine. Let us take a look at some of these factors:

• Thai food is easily available in any city or town in any country. This easy accessibility brings the cuisine to the doorsteps of millions of food lovers who enjoy food with an exotic and unique flavour.
• As said earlier, the uniqueness and exoticness of the essence and flavour Thai food has, makes it stand apart from all other South Asian or south-east Asian cuisines. This sort of diversification makes Thai food more mouth-watering and lucrative to food lovers.

Thai Food Restaurant In Mornington

• Any Thai restaurant you go to or order from has a Thai owner and staff. Although anyone can open a Thai restaurant, only Thai locals know the actual recipes of cooking some of the finest Thai dishes you will ever experience. These recipes are usually passed on from one generation to another, and the experience that these chefs possess makes the food even tastier.
• The portion sizes of Thai food are quite large, and one single dish is enough to fill the belly of someone who eats a lot, or in some cases, enough for two people who eat moderate quantities. This amount of food nullifies the need for ordering another side dish or another main course. This, in turn, keeps the bill at a low level and gives the customer financial satisfaction as well. To be honest, the average cost of one Thai dish is around 14 AUD, which is quite cheap when compared to other food items from other cuisines.
• When ordering a non-vegetarian meal, you will see that the large portions of meat they provide in their dishes are truly astounding and have no comparison anywhere in the world. A single plate of their deep fried chicken will fill your belly as well as your friend’s. Being a vegan also has its advantages when it comes to Thai food. The tofu they prepare with soy milk is considered to be the best in the world. There are many tofu brands available in the market, but real tofu made by a cook from Thailand is without comparison.

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The author Ron Spencer is a food critic of some repute, and has worked with various websites and editorials as a food and restaurant critic. His latest review on Thai food in Mornington gives a clear picture behind the popularity of Thai cuisine.