In this competitive job market, getting a good job that involves both prestige and high remuneration package is a daunting task. Career aspirants & job seekers are doing many things to strengthen their CV & add significant value to it. From professional technical courses to the more creative ones, exploring different job-oriented courses has become a norm.

Since we are living in an era of globalization and with several sectors like tourism and import-export sector flourishing, it is a golden time to learn foreign language such as Thai. A Thai Language Course in Kolkata will guide & train beginners to succeed in their career and land up a lucrative job. A fluency in conversation skills & confidence can do wonders for career.

The hospitality sector is beckoning

The hospitality sector is huge and encompasses tourism, hotel, aviation, shopping malls, cruise lines and others. Here the demand of Thai language is massive. Candidates with ability to speak in the language and proficiency in pronunciation can find plenty of exciting job opportunities in cabin crew, ground staff, tourist guides, flight attendants etc.

It has become possible because of the exodus of people from Thailand are visiting India for getaways and corporate trips. To show them hospitality and customer service of the highest order, fluency in Thai language along with English is thoroughly required.

IT sector opening new career avenues

The IT, BPO, KPO, and outsourcing firms recruit bilinguals more than any other sector or industry. If someone knows Thai language well, they can explore exciting opportunities to deal with foreign clients over phone, chat, and email.

There are opportunities to find jobs as voice process and non-voice process associates. The international BPOs and KPOs are always hunting for those who can communicate in Thai language fluently and explain company's products and services and resolve the grievances of clients. Besides Thai, other foreign languages such as French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian also have a great demand in the international BPO & KPO industry.

Jobs in other sectors

Those who want to put their writing skills into test, a job of translator and content writer are attractive choices. In this digital age where internet has made it possible for us to access unprecedented information, both the profiles have a prolific demand and candidates can easily capitalize on them. However people with impeccable writing skills should apply for these options.

Those with flair for teaching can choose to work as language trainers and train students. With foreign language learning becoming mandatory in the curriculum for Indian schools and colleges, it is a great career option to work as a trainer. The demand of online trainers has also increased.

Another superb career choice is that of a corporate language trainer where employees of a company are given training in Thai language because their job demands it. On the other hand, the trainers are expected to offer guidance so that the candidates gain proficiency in the language and apply them in their jobs while dealing with the international clients.

Thus there are no dearth of jobs for someone who has the ability to speak in Thai language fluently. It is all about taking the right opportunity at the right time and reverse the wheel of fortune. Hopefully the article will guide the job seekers career-wise and give them an idea about the kind of jobs they can expect to get.

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Laxmon Gope is the author of this article on Thai language course in Kolkata. He is a foreign language trainer and part-time online blogger and contributed to several informative posts on websites. He is also passionate about freelance writing & digital marketing.