Your writing skills are simply something you can NOT do without when marketing your business online! With the recent changes made to the Google search algorithm however, there is a small degree of 'distress' being experienced by those who write content and publish it online! These changes reflect a greater emphasis being placed on good quality content while making keyword use less important!

Let's examine a few ways in which these changes will actually make you a better writer and thus remove the necessity of having to focus on keyword use!

It Encourages More Frequent Writing

By virtue of the fact that writers are now encouraged to focus more on 'what' they create more than 'how' they optimize it, they will tend to write content more often! The new Hummingbird algorithm allows people to get back to creating something of value to read and the more they do so the better writer they will be! Practice makes perfect or at least brings some improvements!

It Encourages Writers to 'Deliver' on Intent

This is to say that authors are now rewarded for their ability to remained focused on the original intent of the content they created! When creating any information for publication online people 'formerly' had to pay close attention to how 'well' they optimized what they wrote! The new algorithm however 'releases' writers of this additional 'burden/distraction' allowing them to focus almost exclusively on the quality of what they're creating! This is a more natural focus for people who write content and tends to increase the quality of what they compose since attention is no longer devoted to keyword utilization! Now writers can remain focused on nothing more than delivering their message and/or making their point to readers!

It Now Emphasizes People Not Algorithms

Although it is a new 'algorithm' we're referring to here, this particular algorithmic update places more emphasis on reader needs and NOT the requirements of search engines! Yes that's right, after all this time the realization has dawn upon us that the internet is FOR people to use and NOT the other way around! Now that content creators can take this 'new' focus, it allows them to improve upon their existing skill sets and thus become a better writer! Finally, writers can now simply do what they do best and what readers love, and that is to compose something meaningful and not search engine friendly!

Utilizing your writing skills is perhaps the best way for marketing your business online due to the trust and credibility circulating content tends to build! With the changes brought about by the Hummingbird search algorithm however, people who write content are now facing the most significant changes they've seen in many years! The new algorithm calls for quality information that not only offers 'depth' to readers but delivers on their search intent as well! All this really means is that those who do write content can now focus more on creating something for their readers enjoyment without concerning themselves with keyword use! In this way these changes will help make you a better writer since you no longer have to be 'shackled' with the concerns of optimizing what you wrote for search engines!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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