There is more to a “great nation” than economic prosperity. Wine, women and song have preceded the fall of more nations than Rome, and it's time to understand some issues.

60 years ago this author spent a summer in Venezuela and Colombia where most of the people that he interviewed wanted to come to America 'some day.' Now they are coming by the millions.

When the pope came to the US Congress with his plan to help the US economy, it seemed easy—just close business on Sunday to save greenhouse gases. It would be good for 'family values' to enjoy the benefits of the eucharist. Laudato Si', online pdf, par 237.

But if the pope has so many answers for prosperity, why are all those nations south of our border so poor? They've had Catholic priests to instruct them from when Columbus discovered the New World. Why did they want to come to the only Protestant nation?

With the lush rain forests of the Amazon and its tributaries, those nations have more natural resources than the US, particularly its barren west and southwest. It's not the land; it's what they believe that helps them prosper with freedom of thought, not being told what to believe.

Solomon knew that “righteousness exalts a nation.” Proverbs and the Constitution given by our founders was 2nd only to the law given by Moses to enable self-government to which President Trump appealed, though most have never thought of the Bible as being a document of self-government and so blessed by God when people read it.

By contrast, “The Bible Is an Extremely Dangerous Book,” Pope Tells Young People,

Dangerous because it exposes the “man of sin” who sits in the temple, showing himslf that he is God,” 2Thess 2:4. One of his official titles is “Lord God the Pope.” (Google)

The Bible calls this “great words” in Daniel 7:8-11 where the context is the judgment that is impending. That prophecy of Daniel 7 spans 2500 years from Babylon as the lion to our time with the little horn growing out of the 4th beast (Roman Empire) to represent the papal system, persecuting the saints, verse 25. History has unfolded just as the Bible foretold.

This gives confidence that the impending New World Order represented by the beast with the harlot/papacy riding it (in control, Revelation 17) will not be good—it will even force false worship on all, because New World Order is the image beast [governmental system]--an image of the Old World Order, both shown in Revelation 13.

From the days of Lincoln, Rome has tried to divide this nation. The pope was the only foreign entity to recognize the "Illustrious and Hon. Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America.” (Google)

Catholic Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roger Tany gave his verdict in the Dred-Scott case--current or former slaves and their descendants had “no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” 1857.

But Daniel also shows that Rome wins and conquers the US in chapter 11. “At the time of the end” the king of the north overflows the king of the south.

Ezekiel 26:7 shows the king of Babylon was the king of the north, but in our time, this is about spiritual Babylon named in Revelation 17 where the clues only fit the papacy. And it has “overflowed” the US with millions who will vote how the priest tells them.

We can see their victory in Roe v Wade which will bring judgment on the US as it did on Egypt—the king of the south in Bible times. They killed babies; the US has aborted 60 million and enslaved most of its population with alcohol, tobacco, drugs as a leading cause of illness and death, but the media have called it 'healthcare' for 40 years.

This problem was overlooked by President Trump in wanting to make Rx drugs generic and easily affordable.

The Bible's last message in Revelation 18 is a call to come out of Babylon--the confused systems of medicine, education, government & religion) “for by her sorceries [the Greek word is pharmakeia] were all nations deceived.” verse 23.

Every nation practicing western medicine is on the brink of bankruptcy, spending huge amounts on Intensive Care to extend life a few weeks or months at the end of life. Why are we so afraid to die?

The Bible shines with light on how to live well, but most people prefer fiction that is to the mind what junk food is to the body. It's no wonder why dementia plagues so many, along with neurotoxic mercury in vaccines and aluminum cookware, chemtrails in the sky and plugging our pores in deodorants, also in toothpaste!

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Richard Ruhling is a retired physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. His latest book has a chapter on healthcare and a focus on current events and Bible prophecy that ranked #4 in Amazon's Eschatology category. Readers can get a free copy February 1 at It also offers a free app for reading on phone or computer, download it first. A 3-minute video offers an overview--