Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm blessed to be celebrating it in New York with family and friends. This seemed like a good time to say thank to YOU too!

Since my partner, Ralph started working on a project in New York several years ago, we have been lucky enough to spend a few months here each year. We have made a lot of wonderful friends and have been very welcome here. Our nephews live here too with their lovely wives and children, and their families have taken us to their hearts as we have taken them to ours.

Thanksgiving is a favourite celebration for us. It is free from the need to give presents or send cards. It's just a time to spend with family and friends with lots of great food (and it has to be said, the odd glass of wine!) and to appreciate the good fortune we have.

I guess it's the US equivalent of Harvest Festival - being grateful for the crops and the harvest - but it is celebrated on a national scale and EVERYONE is involved.

Those of you who have worked with me or who have read my newsletters and blogs for a while, will know how much importance I give to being grateful for what we have in our lives TODAY. Every one of you will have heard me suggest that you write a list of the things you have in your life which make it richer and more worthwhile and to meditate on it every day of your life.

You'll have heard me ask you to think about those things we may take for granted, such as access to clean water, food and shelter and the freedom to write, speak, travel and vote freely and to include those on your list. These things are not available to too many people in our world just now.

On my list today are all of these things and many more, but most importantly, I wanted to share with you how thankful I am for the work I do and for the growing number of people like you who are willing to open their minds and hearts and to learn new ways of being.

Thank you for reading my newsletters and blogs which are a genuine and heartfelt attempt to reach as many people as possible with the good news about life, to put you back in control of your life and to help you create the best you can for yourselves.

Thank you for buying my CDs and downloads and for taking the time to look after yourselves.

Thank you for attending sessions with me and for trusting me to help you find solutions to your issues in life.

Thank you for attending my seminars and teleseminars and for participating so fully and keenly.

Thank you for the wonderful feedback I receive - even those that teach me a lesson I hadn't expected.

Thank you for interviewing me on your radio & TV shows and for including me in your newsletters, blogs & publications.

I feel truly blessed to have you in my life and to do the work I do and there are not sufficient words to describe how grateful I am for your input, your openness and your trust and love.


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I help people get over life's humps, be they career, relationship or confidence related and help dissatisfied and unhappy people create the lives they want to lead.

My qualifications are in stress management, hypnotherapy. psychotherapy, NLP & Reiki. Alongside a career spanning over 20 years in the corporate fields at Board level and having negotiated some interesting hurdles of my own, my mix of empathy, therapeutic and business skills help my clients feel secure when they meet me.

I offer consultations worldwide by phone and in London in person and also have a range of stress-relieving CDs which help with stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, phoboas, self-confidence issues and so on on sale worldwide.