The newspaper remained the only source to read all Pakistan news for decades. Print media flourished all over the world after the invention of the printing press in the 15th century. Nobody had imagined reading news without purchasing the hardcopy of newspapers. Those who could not afford to purchase a daily newspaper had to read it in libraries or at public places where a single copy of a daily would be read by hundreds of individuals on daily basis. The popularity of a newspaper could easily be gauged from the number of copies it sold on a daily basis.


When the computer was invented in the 19th century, nobody had imagined that the invention of this device would prove to be a death blow to the booming print media industry in the near future. Instead of this, print media owners deemed it to be very helpful for them in record keeping and administering their business. Even after the invention of the digital computer by the mid of 20th century, the world was unknown to term digital media.


The digital media revolution started with the invention of digital computers between 1948 and 1949. However, in developing countries including Pakistan, the digitalization drive actually started in the first decade of the 21st century. The internet and computers became commonplace in the country. Later on, with the advent of smartphones media outlets started prioritizing their online availability.


Today, every media outlet is available online. Most people prefer reading news from different websites and applications rather than buying a newspaper. Print media is losing its readers to digital media. The closure of Herald magazine in 2019 speaks volumes for the decline of print media in Pakistan. As digital content is easy to access for readers, nobody bothers to purchase a newspaper.


Following are major platforms to get all Pakistan news updates on your smartphone.


News Apps

There are a number of news applications that provide every news update in the form of notifications on your smartphone. You don’t have to allocate one complete hour daily to read news. You can get news using these news apps anytime. Apps of almost every major news outlet are available on the google and apple play store. News Apps like Humariweb, Dawn News, and Qoshe are some of the most popular news applications in Pakistan. All you have to do is install any of these apps and turn on the notifications. You can read news articles and columns of your favorite analysts anytime. You can also save the articles to read them later.


Official Websites of media outlets.

Every media outlet provides news updates on its official website. You can visit websites of different English and Urdu newspapers to read news articles. Moreover, major news channels including 24 News HD, Geo News, and ARY also provide news stories on their websites both in Urdu and English language. In addition to this, websites like Urdu Point and Humariweb also provide regular news updates to visitors.



Social Media

Social media is another wonderful platform for people to get news on their smartphones. Social media websites are not only platforms to stay in touch with friends but also to get the latest news updates. According to Statista, a German company specializing in market and consumer data, there are 45 million active Facebook users in Pakistan currently. This number is increasing rapidly with every passing day.


Moreover, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are also witnessing an upsurge in the number of users from Pakistan. Social media users get news updates from these platforms. Nobody buys a newspaper when he can easily read news on smartphone.



In a nutshell, like every other thing, the trend of reading news is changing rapidly. Now people can read all Pakistan news on their smartphones. Throughout the last half of the 20th-century newspapers remained the primary source of news in Pakistan. Today carrying a newspaper seems quite old-fashioned. You can read the same news on your smartphone. Therefore, in this digital era smartphones have undermined the importance of newspapers.


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