So many creative entrepreneurs that I coach share with me that either you don’t know what you want (or what you say that you want) in your business or you are very vague about what it is that you do want. I often hear “I want more money” or even “I just want to be able to pay my bills” but most importantly I hear that you want an end to all your money struggles.

I know this is exactly what my experience was when I first began my self-employed journey. Actually I just wanted out of the money hell that I was experiencing at that time.

I was tired of worrying about money.
I was tired of feeling afraid of money.
I was tired of feeling controlled by money.
I was absolutely completely tired and fed up of feeling limited by it.

And if I’m really honest with you, I’ll tell you I really wanted someone else to do something about it for me.

I felt this was not fair. Why did I have this struggle? Why did I have this consistent chaos and turmoil when it came to money? Hadn’t I suffered enough?

Let me check in... does any of this resonate with you?

If so, then I cannot wait to share with you exactly what it takes create a magnificent money shift for yourself.

The #1 Remedy to your difficulty, struggle, and heart-ache is BEing willing to look at, and then uplevel your relationship with money.

This is the key. Yes, you can learn all the systems in the world.

You can learn all of the different aspects of business building systems in the world or all the time management systems, but if you don’t have a clear relationship with money, it will show itself in one form or another.

I’ve seen it a million times. I’ve seen coaches and practitioners and entrepreneurs just market, market, market, and with all their marketing, still get little to no results.

I’ve seen you, stuck feeling angry, frustrated, and depressed and still little to no results. What I’ve come to understand is that it comes down to your relationship with money - that there is a direct connection between having a healthier, more conscious relationship with money and creating prosperity.

It is about your willingness to be honest and your willingness to change.

Now I know, no one is really talking about this. Some people are talking around it, but not about it. And you know why? Because let’s be honest it’s scary – it really is. It brings up a lot for a lot of people and I really, truly don’t care who you are or how much you’ve generated in your business or not; money is very personal. It’s a reflection of your inner self. (And believe me, I get it.)

But, you have a bigger mission. It is time to step up with ease and in the energy of full prosperity. It’s time for you as the healer to heal thy self, and then healer, heal others, and then healer, heal the world.

You’re human (we are all human, right?) And as part of being human, we need a strong motivation to change. You have to be willing to let go of the past and willing to move forward into the future.

Your EnergyRICH® Call to Action

1. So if you are willing to be honest and are looking for the way to change your money mindset, my invitation for you is first to think about your intentions.

A. Why do you want more success?
B. Why do you want more money?
C. How do you want to feel during this journey of creating more success, more money?
D. And how do you want to feel when you experience the result and get what you say that you actually want?

2. And from there, the most important question of all is: What result do you really want?

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Heather Dominick is the creator of the EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Success System and, a company devoted to teaching coaches, healing practitioners and creative entrepreneurs how to partner Universal Energetic Principles with practical step-by-step "How-To's" to make more money in your business so you can better serve the world. Get started right away with your free EnergyRICH® Success CD: