The #1 secret success ingredient is personal and energetic responsibility. This is the ingredient that creates miracles in your business and life. It allows you to open to a new perspective.

See, behind everything that you want to create in your business, all of your marketing, all of your selling, and ultimately the purpose of being in business in the first place is the willingness to take full, energetic and personal responsibility.

So, what is this about exactly? What I've come to really understand about personal responsibility is that it is deeply connected to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect; this is the difference between Cause with a big C and cause with a little c.

The truth behind Cause and cause is that we're creating our lives every single day, whether we want to take that responsibility or not. But there's absolute value in taking a look around you - looking at your environment, looking at the relationships in your life, looking at how it is you spend every moment within every day, looking at how it is that you feel, and looking at the experiences that you have.

And as you willingly, truly see your environment, as you truly see your relationships, as you truly see your experiences, and then also see that you are the direct creator of your environment, of your relationships, of your business, of your experiences, of your life, that idea could make you cringe. I know it’s made me cringe and sometimes I’ve been like, “Yikes! Really? I’m participating in that? No, it's all their fault!” But I’ve learned that the things that make us cringe are often the cause with a little c - meaning we haven't given them much conscious attention and energy and effort. They're happening, we've participated, but it's almost as if we were asleep. “Was that me? Did I really play a part in that?”

The asleep can sometimes come from denial, shame, guilt, anger, resentment and other types of lower level energies that disconnect us from the creating of our life.

And then we have the Cause with a big C.

This is where we are awake; we are conscious, and we are in that space of recognizing we don't need to do it alone. We're using tools of energy management and we're consciously partnering with a higher source, force, God, Buddha, Allah - whatever language speaks for you.

And from that space, we're able to look around and say, “Yes, I am a co­ creator in this and maybe I don't like what I see in my business and my life and if I don't like what I'm seeing in my relationships and experiences, what can I do differently? How can I be differently?”

And asking one of my favorite EnergyRICH®-isms, which is the question “How can I?” And not from the energy of drudgery or 'If it were only up to me', but from the energy of Christmas morning, your birthday or any other holiday or special moment you can recall. Your eyes were wide, your heart was open and fully available and with child-like wonder you asked “How does this happen?”, but you didn’t really need the answer because you just believed that it would happen.

That's Cause with a big C - that's the energy we want to be in in every aspect of our businesses and our lives.

So take a look around; how are you being asked to activate that #1 secret success ingredient? I’ve come to understand that the key to activating the #1 Secret Success Ingredient is to ask - A-S-K. If things aren't going the way you want them to go, if you have confusion about something, ask. That goes for everything in your life, everything in your business – everything.

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Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick is the creator of, a business training company teaching highly sensitive self-employed coaches and entrepreneurs to be purposeful, profitable and empowered so you can make a Considerably Huge™ difference in the world and live a life that is EnergyRICH®.

Through her EnergyRICH® online coaching programs, 3-tiered Business Training Programs and in-person Training Retreats Heather teaches her students how to embrace their natural highly sensitive abilities as business building assets, rather than hindrances, so you can transcend lower level energies like fear, worry and overwhelm and build your business from a place of clarity, confidence and gracious strength. Fill out an application here for a private Next Steps Activation Call to get clear about your best next business steps.

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