I want to introduce to what I refer to as the #1 Secret Success Ingredient: what I call energetic and personal responsibility. You see it can be so easy in this day and time that we live in to blame what is going on “out there” for what you don’t have.

Yes, even if you tell yourself ‘Oh no, that’s not me; that’s not how I operate’, it’s literally everywhere around us.

It’s part of the news.
It’s part of the newspaper.
It’s part of your Google page when you turn on your calendar.

There is the tendency towards blame.

But the key to change, the key to true change is always found “in here” (and I’m speaking about your heart) – rather than “out there”. As within, so without.

You must understand and recognize that there is a Universal Law of Cause and Effect speaking through you.

It’s called...

The law of attraction
The law of correspondence
The law of consciousness (and they are all the same)
The law is actually a creative force; it is God substance, it is the light of spirit, it is a power that is constantly flowing through you. And that force that’s flowing through you is picking up the vibrations of your consciousness.

As that life force, as that God substance, as that light of spirit flows through you, it picks up on the vibration of your consciousness and then delivers to you the outer experience as a reflection of that consciousness vibration. As within, so without.

You are the cause of your effects. Now, what I have come to truly learn and understand is:

--> YOU can be a conscious activator of this law.

--> The key activator to change your outer experience is the power of the ask, A-S-K.

To ask for what you need
To ask for support
To ask for guidance
To ask of the divine (whoever your divine relationship is with, whether that’s God, Buddha, Spirit, Universe...)
To ask of those around you (because that divine force in the same way that it’s moving through you, it’s moving through everyone who’s around you).
We’ve all heard the common joke about the person who was stranded in the middle of the flood on top of the church steeple praying to God and a lifeboat came by and the person said, ‘No, God’s going to save me.’ Then a helicopter came by and the person said, ‘No, God’s going to save me.’ And then when the person finally gets to Heaven, they ask ‘God, why weren’t you there for me?’ God says, ‘I sent you a lifeboat, I sent you a helicopter – what else were you looking for?’

EnergyRICH® Success KEY: We are meant to receive from each other. To receive support from the divine actually means to receive support from each other.

So, this asking and receiving support is the activation of that #1 secret success ingredient of personal and energetic responsibility.

Your time is now.
This is your moment to start practice doing it differently.
If you ask, then you receive.

When you take responsibility - you will change your business, you will change your life.

As you begin to take energetic and personal responsibility you might think you know what you need; just know the universe will always deliver what you truly need (and it may not look like what you think it “should” look like…)

--> The GOLDEN KEY is to stay with it. Stay in the energy of personal and energetic responsibility.

Your ego mind, your fear-based mind will try to take you out, I can pretty much guarantee it. I’ve seen it over and over again; I’ve seen it with myself and with my long-term clients and students.

One client in particular that comes to mind who is a poster woman for ‘Stay With It.’ More often than not, she has had to face – as we all do – the same patterns, the same demons, the same lower-level energies that keep showing themselves in a spiral kind of way, shifting and changing but never fully being resolved because that is our life lesson.

--> Your life lesson is what you are here to master.

And yes, since you are here to master it, your life lesson will show itself to you over and over and over again.

As you stay with it, that lesson will change form; it will become easier. (EnergyRICH® Success Story: The client that comes to mind for me has gone from having no business to having an above-quarter-million-dollar business because of her willingness to stay with it – OH, YES!)

But what’s so cool is:

What you are here to master is what you are here to teach.
And what you are here to teach is your life purpose.

By staying with it and meeting those challenges when they present themselves, facing that life lesson opportunity each time it emerges is the mastery, is what you’re here to share with others and is your purpose.

EnergyRICH® Success KEY: So many people try to go at it the other way around; they think ‘If only I knew my life purpose, then I would be free to teach and make lots of money.’

As you master, so you teach, and that is purposeful living.

And a full activation of the #1 Secret Success Ingredient: Your KEY to True Change.

Your EnergyRICH® Call To Action:

1) Choose to become an activator of the law – As is within, is without and claim energetic and personal responsibility for your business

2) ASK for support

Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick is the creator of the EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Success System and EnergyRICHcoach.com, a company devoted to teaching coaches, healing practitioners and creative entrepreneurs how to partner Universal Energetic Principles with practical step-by-step "How-To's" to make more money in your business so you can better serve the world. Get started right away with your free EnergyRICH® Success CD: http://www.energyrichcoach.com