Would you like to see better response rates from your marketing? The number one thing to always look at is your headline. Now this could be any marketing. It could be direct mail, it could be your email marketing, or it could be in your sales letters.

Anywhere you’re using a headline or a sub-headline, you want to check. The first thing you want to look at to increase response, if you aren’t happy with your response, or a little weak in something, is to tweak the headline. Look for keywords in your headline. Your headline is the first thing people see and it’s what determines if they read on or not.

When you are looking at emails, the first thing you see is the subject line. That’s a headline. The headline is where you either get people’s attention or you lose their attention. Everyone does this. You make an instantaneous decision as to whether or not you’re going to open an email based on what the subject line says.

It’s critical that you understand the importance of your headlines and that you use good ones.

How do you get good at this? Read headlines. Write headlines. Look at other people’s marketing models and their headlines. You have seen countless variations of the headline “The First Time I Sat Down At The Piano They All Laughed…” A lot of people use that. There are a lot of, what marketers call, templated headlines. You can pull from and use those to model your own headlines.

The local newspaper isn’t the best place to look at headlines. A great place to look for headlines is on the cover of grocery store magazines as you’re checking out. The Enquirer and The Sun are sources we typically make fun of, but they have great headlines. They grab your attention. The actual content may be questionable, but the point is they grab your attention. Study those kinds of headlines.

Study the headlines on the outside of great magazines like Cosmo. Model those headlines. Look at the words they’re using. Magazines are a great study in headlines.

Why is it important in your business? Because, the headline is the first thing people see. They instantaneously make a decision as to whether or not they’re going to read and look at the rest of your marketing materials based solely on your headline.

Author's Bio: 

Diane Conklin is an internationally known author, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, event planner, speaker and copywriter. Diane is a direct response marketing expert who specializes in showing small business owners how to integrate their online and offline marketing strategies, media and methods, to get maximum results from their marketing dollars.

As a marketing and business strategist, Diane shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how to outperform their competition by measuring their marketing, and strategically use multi-media campaigns to stand alone in their marketplace as the go-to provider for their products and services.

She is the founder of Complete Marketing Systems and for more than 14 years has been showing small business owners how to start, build and grow businesses where they take knowledge they already possess and turn it into passive, ongoing, leveraged profits.

Diane has been involved in numerous campaigns grossing over $1,000,000.00 in sales several times in her career.

Diane has proprietary home study systems, coaching programs, masterminds, and provides done-for-you services in the areas of Social Media, Information Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, Direct Mail, and Event Marketing, Planning and Management.

As a speaker, Diane has shared the stage with the likes of Joan Rivers, George Foreman, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Harry Dent, Barbara Corcoran, James Malinchak, Peggy McColl, Marie Forleo and many others.

Diane was voted Marketer of the Year for her innovative marketing strategies and campaigns.