If you don’t yet have the business you want, don’t despair. All the success you desire is still possible for you. It’s right at your fingertips.

I’m here to remind you that YOU have control over your financial life, your business, your love life; you have control over every aspect of your life when you CHOOSE to be the one in control.

In the uprising of the feminine, where the soft feminine desires to surrender and receive even more, we’ve forgotten that we are in control of our success. We don’t want to push anymore, so we pull back.

But Sister… now is the time to lean in and step up, not pull back!!

Your feminine is just as capable of creating miracles as the masculine side of you. I mean, your feminine self knows how to birth a baby (whether you have or not)! Your feminine KNOWS how to create with ease.

You are NOT an unconscious reactor. You’re a CONSCIOUS creator.

Taking control of your success doesn’t mean you have to push, but you do have to show up and be in action. Taking control of your success also doesn’t mean you have to leave behind the feminine values that you cherish so much, like collaboration, generosity and contribution.

Taking control of your success, the women’s way, is all about standing in your power and your feminine values; it’s about receiving and giving; it’s about being a leader for all that you stand for.

So here’s the thing… if you’re not feeling a pull right now towards building your business, if you’re actually feeling some (or a LOT of) resistance to taking control of your success…

Your next step is to CHANGE YOUR ENERGY!

Whatever you need to do to feel your power again, do it. Seriously. Remember: you are a CONSCIOUS CREATOR. Rather than letting your feminine feelings STOP you from going for what you desire, use them to your advantage.


Instead of asking, “How can it be easier to grow my business?” ask, “How can I feel my own strength to grow my business?”

You are powerful beyond measure!!!

And one of the best ways I know how to tap into those feelings of strength and power is to GET OFF YOUR BUTT! (I say this with love, Sister!)

In the early days of my business, I used to sit around (on my butt!) and wonder, “How can I get some love, connection and inspiration?” I’d call up a girlfriend and we’d go have lunch together. Then I’d spend an hour or more on Facebook. At the end of the day, I’d feel like crap because I hadn’t done anything with my business.

So here’s a powerful question you can ask yourself: “What’s one thing I can do today to further myself towards my goal?”

If you desire to increase your income and impact through speaking, book a speaking engagement!

If you want 5 new clients, who might you call? What networking events might you go to this week? What past clients might you reach out to?

Then, after you ask yourself, “What’s one thing I can do today to further myself towards my goal?” be willing to TAKE ACTION. Even if it feels terrifying. Even if you’re afraid. Even if it feels like there are a gazillion reasons why you should do something else. Even if you feel alone.

Be willing to take one step towards your goals every day.

Often, we resist the work of growing our business. Yet it’s doing the work and showing up for our business that has us absolutely fall in love with ourselves. ‘Cause when we’re showing up for our business, we’re showing up for ourselves!

Your self love goes through the roof when you do the work to grow your business, face your fears, and take control of your own success.

There are a lot of things you can do to grow your business, which is why it can be confusing at times. My recommendation for the one big step you can take TODAY to take control of your success is to BOOK A SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT. Fill the room. Love people up. Share valuable content. Give them all you’ve got. Let them know there’s more where that came from and invite them to sit down with you to find out if it’s a fit to do more work together.

This is growing your business the women’s way… being generous, sharing your gifts, and growing a tribe.

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Sage Lavine is #1 Best Selling Author of Hay House book, WOMEN ROCKING BUSINESS, and the CEO of the Women Rocking Business Training Company teaching over 100,000 women entrepreneurs around the globe to scale to six or seven figures as they leverage business as a way to create world change. Sage has shared the stage with Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield, Janet Attwood, Marcia Wieder, and many more. Sage has raised over a million dollars for philanthropic women's organizations around the globe.