I've come to realize that the situations that challenge me the most as a leader and business owner are the ones that bring up a lot of emotions for me.

Immediately my internal dialogue kicks in. In the moment it seems like my internal dialogue is simply reporting the truth about my situation or the person I'm upset with.

And before I'm aware of it I get caught up in my inner commentary and self-made internal reality and forget that it's simply an internal conversation that I've created about my situation.

This happens especially when there is an emotional charged involved for me and I identify myself with the issue that the emotion is connected with.

When I remember to take a moment and pause I am able to distinguish whether or not my internal dialogue is actually telling the truth about the situations I encounter.

Then I ask myself, What am I telling myself about this situation or person?

Next, I ask myself, Is what I'm believing about this person or situation THE ACTUAL TRUTH? Or is it more true that it's a personal interpretation that I'm making up?

I have come to realize that before I can create a breakthrough around challenging work situations I am being given the opportunity to become aware of my thinking and stop believing that my internal commentary is reporting the truth about every situation!

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