Before having children, many couples decide to have a dog. It is the first contact they have with the responsibility of taking care of life, and this must be assumed as such. The first thing they should know is that even if they want to have a dog, they must be sure that both of them are going to commit to their care, food and health, having a dog is like having a child; And just like babies, they require attention and a lot of love.

You have to know that it will be a puppy for a while. It will grow and change, you must be prepared for these changes and to want it in the same way in all its stages, in the mischief and also in old age, for something we have always been told that dogs are man's best friends and We believe you are right.

If you are already entirely sure you want to have a dog, then you will love this post. We made a list of the ten best dog breeds to have as a couple. Of course, you can choose the race you want; everyone is adorable. However, our list is based on those we consider most appropriate to receive your care, love, and love. Which of these best dogs for me?

1. Siberian Husky: Their wolf appeal, combined with their blue eyes and the incredible attitude, energy, and joy they convey, make them fall in love at first sight. They are ideal to have as a couple because they have perfect character, they are playful, but they also stand out for their free spirit (this thanks to their ancestors the wolves), which indicates that they will not remain 24/7 chasing you. What is clear is that they like to live with people. In addition to this, you should know that they are spotless.

2. LabradorTop of Form: They're adorable! The farmers should be yes or yes in our selection. Do you remember the movie Marly and Me? The story revolves around Marly, a charming farmer who accompanies his owners throughout his life. And these dogs have characteristics that make them the ideal company: they are intelligent, gentle, obedient, and patient.
Also, they are also loved by children; it is one of the most intelligent and friendly races. An important fact.

3. German shepherd: It is one of the most complete, intelligent, and brave races. Having it as your pet will guarantee your company and total fidelity. In addition this breed is characterized by being one of the most heroic in the world, for something they are chosen for their qualities as guard dogs and police dogs. It will only bring happiness to your home; it is also very obedient so it can be quickly educated.

4. Border Collie: If you want to have an agile and obedient dog as a pet, the Border Collie is the one. It is a sheepdog. Therefore it is very sociable and friendly, in addition to having a spirit of leadership. This breed also stands out because it becomes a permanent bond with its owners. He has a tenacious, resilient spirit and is incredibly disciplined.

5. Cocker Spaniel: We all fall in love with this breed. Not only because they are playful, friendly, faithful, but because of their passion and affinity with people make them a perfect race to have as a couple. They do not like to be alone. Therefore they will create a strong bond with their owners, which will involve you dedicating a lot of attention and care to avoid getting depressed. The temperament of the Cocker varies according to their coat color.

6.French Bulldog: This breed native to France is a small breed, and one of its characteristics is tenderness. He is playful, cheerful, always alert, and always looking for affection and attention. It is an ideal breed for children because it is an adorable, affectionate, and patient dog. It is also protective at home with its owners.

7.Golden Retriever: He is described as a kind, friendly, and confident dog. They are excellent pets, and ideal for couples, their calm and energetic character is perfect for family living. The Golden is not usually dogs of one person; on the contrary, they achieve empathy with strangers and acquaintances in the same way. They are calm and very docile.

8.Beagle: This small or medium-sized dog is characterized by being very friendly, restless, determined, and intelligent. It is ideal for living in an apartment, thanks to its size. He is described as a cheerful, friendly dog and enjoys the company of his masters. An excellent company decided and resolved.

9.Pug: Although these dogs have a slightly strange appearance, they are incredibly adorable, affectionate, and spoiled, and sometimes a little stubborn. What is true is that they are friendly and always attentive to everything that happens around them. They have a medium size. Therefore they do not need such ample space to live.

10.English Bulldog: Will there be a more tender dog than an English bulldog? His appearance, his look, and adaptability conquer hearts wherever he is. Although you are not very related to the race, you might think that it has a strong character; However, you face the opposite. It's quiet, sometimes a little lazy, but the excellent company.

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