Holistic Education in a Multi-Cultural Environment
Snowy peaks, pristine rivers and lakes historic, artistic and cultural presence, breath-taking landscapes renowned the world over for tourism Europe has much more to offer than its scenic beauty.

Quality education, for instance, is an important facet of this continent known for its consistency in delivering the best. When relocating to a new city or country parents are often concerned about finding the right school for their children. But when in Europe you can rest your worries aside.

Besides the astounding beauty of this small continent, there are a good many international schools to choose from. Schooling plays an important role in creating and supporting a civil society. Europe realised it long before any of the continents thought of it. And it is not just a for a civil society but also to sustain democracy. Europe has expended tremendous energy in education reforms. The end result is for all to see.

Choosing the right school for your child may not be that difficult for international families. International schools in Central Europe provide world class, holistic education in a multi-cultural environment. Since studying a foreign language in Europe is compulsory, most of the Europeans speak more than one language. The same is applicable to the international students.

If you think only the best is good for your child, then you are scrolling through the right edition. We have traversed across Central Europe to hand pick the best international schools nestled in this beautiful continent.

On the cover, we have The American International School - Vienna (AIS) that is known for its family environment in a state-of-the-art infrastructure, global education and a string of achievements. The other schools that have found a place in this edition are – Chartwell International School that is known to promote balanced growth, Japanese School of Paris that believes in the philosophy of friendship even while imparting education and St John’s International School that is committed to provide life-oriented and value education along with a focus on academic excellence.

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