Learning to Invest
Money matters. It might not be the only thing that matters but it does matter a lot than we would perhaps like to. Ever since human beings changed their lifestyle from being nomads to domestic living, small groups, cities and finally countries were created, money or some sort of trade for goods has existed. Earlier there was barter system now, paper currency, card currency and digital currency.
Earning and saving has become a part of our survival. Savings are more emphasised because we can’t always be earning owing to age and health. And to save, we must understand how and where to invest. Whether we buy a few houses, buy gold, invest in a business, or invest in stocks and funds.

Investment in the stock market has been touted as a quick way to get rich and secure one’s finances. However, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. To invest, one must understand the intricate workings of the market, the volatile forces that rule it, one’s target and risk appetite and a clear understanding of what they want out of their investment.

There is no sure shot method of understanding market trends but by investing time, one can surely identify the trends. One needs to understand if there is a pattern behind a particular stock they are interested in. Stock market trends are influenced by many pointers like inflation, interest rates, oil prices, international issues, policy changes and more. An awareness of the local and global economic news just enhances one’s chance of understanding the trends and investing right.

For the common people who are busy earning, it isn’t easy to devote regular hours into understanding the market and then investing. This is why they trust people who are trained to do so. These stock advisors study the market, understand its nuances, rely on their training and even gut feeling and then either advise or invest on behalf of their client.

Alternatively, many institutes also offer training courses for the various duration for those interested. Not everyone can become a stock advisor or broker, but everyone can understand the basics of the stock market. In this issue of The Knowledge Review, we bring you The 10 Best Stock Market Training Institutes in India, 2020, that believe in the power of learning and investment for a financially secure life.

On the Cover, we have The Affordable ‘Classic Trading Course’ (CTC) by Afzal Lokhandwala, CA turned Stock Broker, who believes that learning is a continuous process and makes sure that his learners adhere to it.

In subsequent pages, you’ll find the stories of Arvind’s Freedom Traders, an ISO 9001:2015 certified entity for Quality Management System with a vision to help traders acquire knowledge in technical skills and trade independently; Booming Bulls, an initiative to simplify the trading techniques that are not only used in stock markets around the world but also Forex, Commodities & Cryptocurrency market; Dalal Street Investment Journal, one of the best ‘sought-after’ study destinations for staying updated with the recent developments in finance; Gurudatta Training Institute, one among the best institutes that deliver the knowledge required to make money in all asset classes like; equity, currency, commodity and Share Market Studies, founded with the dream of helping people start their stock market journey and to give them directions.

Ur IndianConsumer, Stock Squad Trading, Stock Phoenix, and Shazpha are few other institutes that are helping people realise their investment goals in the stock market.

Also make sure to take a glance at the insightful views of industry leaders and articles written by our in-house editorial team.

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