The 10 Excellent Schools in Bulgaria, 2021
All the Reasons to Study in Bulgaria
Mountains, caves, lakes, sea, beautiful beaches, friendly people, culturally rich and diverse, Bulgaria is also known for its excellence in education, particularly higher education.

Education is compulsory between 7-16 years of age and free in state schools that is governed by the ministry of education. The academic curriculum is ever evolving to ensure that the standard of education improves consistently. Bulgaria provides not just good schooling but outstanding higher education as well, attracting numerous international students.

While studying in Europe is a privilege, studying in Bulgaria is a bliss. High standards of education with relatively less stringent entrance norms and low tuition fees as compared to other European countries make Bulgaria the most eligible education hub.

There are several other reasons why students across the globe choose Bulgaria for higher education. Affordable living cost, safety and easy entry into the universities. Bulgarian colleges offer a huge range of specialties to choose from and with many international students seen around the place, students never feel out of place. In addition, the friendly nature of Bulgarian people makes it an easy stay for international students.

Being part pf the European Union, degrees acquired from Bulgaria are valid in all the member countries. This international recognition of certificates is a big blessing for students who acquire their degrees from here.

This small country was way ahead in introducing information and communication technology that is a major contributor to the economic growth and is today a global competitor in the tech sector. So, when the entire world had to transition from the classroom to online lessons owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, for Bulgaria it was a smooth sail. Educators and students are both tech-savvy with information technology being taught at an early age.

That the country has been so progressive in its thinking and implementing of new age tech solutions reflect its strong education system that is secular. The Bulgarian education system has been prompt in embracing modernization of higher education.

Any education system prospers not just due to the implementation a good curriculum but also due to its well-qualified pedagogue. In fact, teachers are the steppingstones to academic success. In Bulgaria, teachers are also given the opportunity to conduct personal evaluation to gauge his/her contribution to the pedagogy. This self-assessment method also provides them room to improve, enhance and develop their skills. No wonder, the country is so popular for its education system and its students scattered the world over to realize their dreams.

So, if you are wondering which country to choose for studying abroad, particularly in Europe, Bulgaria is just the right destination for you.

In our latest edition of The Knowledge Review – The 10 Excellent Schools in Bulgaria, 2021, we bring you some of the best schools that have created a niche for themselves on the global map of education.

Experience the Bulgarian pedagogy as you flip through the pages of this edition.

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