Data Analysis – The Most Happening Career

Remember Star Trek, the popular television serial of the 1960s when scientific fictions were a rage that went on for decades? The serial was telecast number of times after that. Perhaps, we got the first glimpse of data analysis in this series. Data analysis has come a long way since then and is the most sought-after skill today.
This century is known as the century of data analysts and data scientists According to Harvard Business Review, data scientist is the sexiest job of the century. Yet, most people shy away at the mention of data science/scientist, machine learning, artificial intelligence. Fortunately, there are institutions that come to the rescue of such people by providing short courses for them besides professional courses for students interested in making a career in it.
We are living in a world where data keeps flowing endlessly and competition keeps increasing, so does the challenge to converse with and analyse the data. One who can swim with the flow of data can survive in this ever-evolving world of business and the cut-throat competition it creates as a result.

Companies store huge volumes of data that are critical to their businesses. Simply accumulating data will be of no use to a company if not analysed. If companies do not stay in tune with this trend due to lack of skilled persons, then they would trail possibly trail behind their competitors.
Data analysts can help compiling and adding value to the data. They bring structure to this mammoth data and help analyse them. A data analyst must know the present scenario of data, analyse it, gauge the future performance, and provide solutions to enhance the system or solve issues, if any.
The huge amount of data pouring in continuously has given rise to the dire necessity for data analysis. One has to keeping oneself updated with it and plan their business strategies for successful implementation of projects and to compete effectively.

With data flowing in continuously the demand for experts in analysing them have also gone up multi-fold. The area of expertise is varied with demands in industries, banking, e-commerce, research, fraud detection and risk management, and even in some government offices.
Realising this need of the time and scope, many educational institutions are providing professional courses in data analytics. One can acquire a graduate degree, post-graduate degree, diplomas, certifications, PhD or even crash courses. Short term courses are also provided for professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge.

To survive in this ever-evolving business world and technological advancements embracing Industry 4.0 has become vital. Balance is the keyword for survival today – be it in the personal life or in the professional one. Industry 4.0 also requires one to be balanced in the physical and digital world of business and data analytics is a crucial part of industry 4.0.
To be ahead or even stay afloat in this fast-changing world of industry and technology and the competition in the global market, analysing data and applying the techniques to decision making process have become imperative.

Thus, a career in data analytics is one of the lucrative options today. This is one field that everyone needs to be aware of and have the primary knowledge, if not an expert in it.

Acknowledging this need of the hour, we, at The Knowledge Review, have featured some of the top institutes that are doing a commendable work in providing the necessary courses and skills in data analytics in our latest edition - The 10 Leading Data Analytics Course Providers, 2021.

Have an insightful read as you navigate through the pages of this interesting edition.

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