Immersive Hotel Designs are Answering the Call for Modern Luxury
Today, many aspects of the hotel industry have shifted to adapt to new technologies and also the ever-changing customer preferences and behavior. All these facets have also changed how hoteliers conduct business.
At present, it is very common for people to check for online reviews and recommendations before booking a hotel or resort. These reviews play a pivotal part for guests on deciding whether the guests are willing to stay at that particular hotel or not.
As customer experience remains one of the vital and unique, rising segment in the hospitality industry, many hoteliers are adapting to the rapid social changes with creative solutions. However, through all these ebbs and flows there remain a few things that have changed but improved in the hotel industry.
One of those constants is a striking first impression. The modern hoteliers are achieving this by utilizing the lobby space as a dynamic multi-use space (one that was not done before, lobbies were just spaces). These hoteliers today, understand the growing importance of a beautiful and spectacular entrance lobby. One of the reasons why this transformation has evolved is because of the growing social encounters that occur in this area. As a result, a large multipurpose (for formal, informal talks, for working professional) lobby space has now become a trend. However, to achieve it, many hoteliers are now focusing on remodeling their front desk with creative spaces that provide both intimate and social zones.
That being said about the entrance, the focus now shifts to the guestrooms. The classic bed-table-locker combo is not enough to make a hotel room feel inviting. Today's travelers are looking for a surprise. This might also be a reason why many western hotels have a different interior in each room. Use of color explosions, decors, trendy or funky furniture, any aspect that appeals a guest is welcomed
The 'almost' merging indoor and outdoor boundaries is the new principle that is well integrated into the array of services offered by modern hotel owners. They know that sensory experiences go a long way. It is their continuous effort to keep the indoor-outdoor transition as "ethereal" as possible.
The fourth and probably the most important factor that decides any hotel's customer experience is its bathroom features. Gone are the days when bathroom space was considered as just auxiliary rooms or spaces to be minimized, just to expand the living area. The modern-day traveler expects more than what he can find in his/her home. A spacious bathroom area with spa-like features looks inviting and enthralling. This is also a sure-proof method of alluring guests with a promise of ephemeral luxury.
Hotel dining is yet another reformative space that evolved as a destination in itself. The travelers today are not willing to dine at a restaurant filled with chairs and tables, it should be instragram-able, and everything about the dining should be spectacular. Cooking is an art and the dining spaces should exhibit this art and the love towards it.
Aforementioned are just a few of the aspects of the hotel that has evolved and will now evolve continuously. Though all of these are always changing, it is certain that the travelers today are looking for homes, hotels or resorts that have it all; smart, cozy spacious, luxurious and even close to nature. That being said, we can conclude that, this is precisely why hotel designs remain one of the important factors of a striking impression.
Having recognized the same, our quest was to find hotels that their used spaces wisely and creatively to impress their customers at a single glance, and compelled us to derive this edition titled, The 10 Best Luxurious Hotels to Experience in 2020. Herein, we have enlisted a few hotels that stand apart not with its spectacular design and space but also its customer-experience.
Featured on the cover of the edition is ‘The MET’. Also known as The Metropolitan Hotel, the hotel is located at picturesque location, has a technological leap, and firmly grounded to the concept of personalized customer experience. Awaiting one’s arrival here is the ornate body, fabulous sculpture, fantasy-like design peppered throughout completed and warm and welcoming hotel staffs.
Some of the other handful luxury hotels which have gone the extra mile to offer an exceptional customer service while keeping intact the ethereal beauty of it are: Red Earth Hotel, juSTa Hotels & Resorts, Bijolai Palace Hotel, and the Springs Hotel and Spa.
We would also like to list The Malabar House Residency, ITL World, Petals Resort in Wayanad and the Tulip Holidays for its breathtaking outdoor-indoor merging design and customer friendly services.
The edition also includes articles authored by our in-house editors and also by proficient hoteliers. The officials of The Tejpal Hospitality penned an article that sheds some light on how the kitchen technology is evolving in time and with restaurants.
The other article discusses about how technology is shaping the hotel industry by increasing the efficiency of hotel operations

Keep reading and get immersed in luxury.
-Crescent CU

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