Economic Development and Pollution

To say pollution is everywhere around us will be an understatement. Pollution today is in and around us, permeating the very structure of life on earth. From our air to the soil, the food that we eat to the water we drink, all are polluted to a varying degree.

The problem of pollution is as ancient as the human civilization itself and can be first traced back to the times when man made fire for domestic purposes. The soot in the pre-historic caves is witness to how man tamed fire but lacked proper ventilation to keep it from polluting his immediate environment. The next steps towards civilization and development, both in terms of social and economic, started adding more pollution to the environment. Metal forging, burning of coal and wood, transportation involving horses and ships and the growing population steadily began adding to pollution.

Pollution, as we know it today, is the aftereffect of the greatest economic development in the history of mankind, the Industrial Revolution. Setting up huge industries did fuel economic growth, but took the environment as it’s collateral damage. Huge concentration of population near the industries often saw outbreaks like cholera because of the pollutants that rendered the air, water and earth unfit for humankind. That is also when social reformers realized that pollution needs to be curtailed as soon as possible. In 1870, Berlin, one among the many cities where sanitary conditions were the worse, rose to the occasion and by 1906, it was transformed into the most modern and organized city of its times. Since then, the official war between pollution and environmentalists, backed by their Governments started, and continues till date.

In 1974, the Indian Government established The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of India, a statutory organisation under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (Mo.E.F.C). Headquartered in Delhi the Board has seven zonal offices and five laboratories, and an employee count of around 500 including scientists, engineers and environmental protection specialists.

However, the problem of pollution isn’t just for the Government and the activists to fight. It affects one and all, and needs to be tackled at every level, starting right from one individual. Right now, the world is witnessing the effects of pollution causing actions like never before. The situation is panicky, but panic leads to no solution. Instead of creating a ruckus and opting for the blame game, everyone should put their act together. A single act of mindfulness towards the environment can make a difference we don’t fathom during the act.

Also, the actions should start from where the cycle was set i.e. the Industries. It is agreed that most of the industries have been following pollution control methods. But as we can see, that hasn’t been enough. The industries need to utilize modern, updated and more scientific solutions to deal with the high-level of pollution today. Also, the solutions should be implemented throughout their production or manufacturing cycle. And to determine their needs and suggest solutions, they should turn to experts who have been dealing with the menace at the forefront.

This issue of “The 10 Most Admired Pollution Control Companies in India” is dedicated to the environmental heroes who have been fighting pollution at places that contribute the most. Through dedication, expertise, scientific know-how and a will to share the responsibility towards the environment, these companies have been giving their best in tackling pollution.

On the Cover, we have, American Air Filter International (AAF), the world’s largest manufacturer of air filtration solutions. It is a Daikin group company which is a diversified international manufacturing company and a global leader in air-conditioning.

Ventech System Pvt. Ltd’s Founder, Mr VK Arora is our CEO of the Month.Ventech Systems is a pioneer in Air Engineering Systems namely: Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Air Pollution Control Systems.

Evergreen RecycleKaro India Pvt Ltd (ERPL) is the Outstanding Company for 2020. It is a Social Enterprise that facilitates collection, segregation, shredding, bailing and recycling of waste.

The issue also celebrates the stories of Aswathi Industries Limited, an ISO 9001:2015 certified and CRISIL rated company that has grown to a position of leadership among engineering companies; Pollucare Engineers India Private Limited, a company that has taken it as its responsibility to reduce and control the pollution of air, water, and soil; and NEOAIRTECH India Pvt Ltd, which has been providing Indian Industries with pollution control solutions that are far ahead of the technology available in India and on par with European norms.

Other noteworthy companies which have joined the crusade to fight pollution are Chemito Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Sairupam Technologies, ARAI and Helios Infrapro Private Limited.

Our in-house article is an attempt to understand and deal with Noise Pollution: A Menace for India.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as we did while creating it!

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