Architecture x Solar Design = Future
It’s quite a statement when somebody says, “You can’t build anything without thinking about its relationship with the environment.” And in the architecture industry, every architect desires to make an environment-friendly design, adaptable to its surroundings. In simple words, create something that is energy efficient. Examples of such include green buildings or sustainable buildings, designed to reduce the overall impact of development on nature.
The relation between architecture and solar design is rooted deep in the profession. Going a three-way road, the association is distributed between passive strategies, performance, and technological advancements. As humans are focusing on the global climate crisis and greenhouse gas emissions, the solar design is revamping cities and architecture around the world.
In the past years, architects have been focusing on cutting down the energy that involves heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation. At the same time, the solar design incorporated ideas of light and passive approaches. Now, it has advanced towards the operational and structural side.
Today, architects and designers around the world have taken steps to reduce the amount of energy that new buildings use, and the emphasis on solar power and sustainable practices have extended to carbon and photovoltaic technology.
As more players enter this market segment, it is expected that dramatic new breakthroughs in architectural solar technology will be made. When new technology takes hold, architects will be inclined to evolve their building designs and include more optimized photovoltaic building components. As a result, buildings are expected to generate extra amounts of electricity.
In the upcoming years, we believe that solar design will become an industry standard for all types of construction. And we wish that the time does come when development without such design will be an architectural heresy.
Such thoughts and developments in the architecture industry compelled us to bring The 10 Most Creative & Conceptual Architect Firms 2020 to life. Herein, we showcase the best of architectural firms shaping the industry, enhancing the quality of life, and taking care of mother nature.
We commence this edition with the legend Mr. Prem Nath and his Associates. Recognized worldwide as The Nawab of Luxury, Mr. Path today is a self-made man. His tale reveals how honest and arduous work takes one to the zenith of success.
Other than that, we have Aeiforia Architects; DD Architects; Daisaria Associates; Made in Earth; Ostraca; and RPtecture.
Further, we are privilege to mention Gayathri & Namith Architects and Opolis Architects and Eternity Architects.
While learning about these esteemed designers, do not forget the industry expert’s viewpoint tagged under CXO. Also, keep your keen eyes on Infographics on the Latest Trends in Architecture and Historical Monuments in India, masterly crafted by our in-house editors.
Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the elegance that these visionaries speak and build.
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