­The Changing Scenario of Bio Tech

Gone are the days, when Bio Tech sector was embracing only traditional processes to fight the complexities of the disease. Today, the sector is moving beyond the ‘one disease, one protein, one drug’ paradigm by leveraging pipelines showcasing multiple new-age drug modalities. These modalities are an even mix of compound varieties of traditional protein-enabled molecules – enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, hormones, and fusion proteins over a rapidly transforming area of cell therapy and Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADCs).

Currently, the Bio Tech Solution Providers are putting their best foot forward in gaining deep biological insights into tangled diseases. They are consistently endeavouring to surpass every challenge coming their way with sophisticated engineered drugs that have the potential to save millions of lives across the globe.
The Bio Tech business professionals are all set to unlock new business opportunities alongside disrupt the healthcare world to stay on top of different regulatory requirements. Acknowledging the changing dynamics of the society and skyrocketing demands, they are rolling out patient-centric solutions and creating a platform of healthy lifestyles. Besides, it’s the right combination of tech-based advancements and agile manufacturing techniques that are taking this sector to be at the helm of ‘Progress’ and ‘Innovation’.

Recognizing such professionals that are revolutionizing the Bio-Tech Solution Providers’ segment and keeping innovation on their radar by staying up-to-speed with the developments, we have come up with this special edition of "The 10 Most Innovative Bio Tech Solution Providers to Watch in 2020". This issue has featured a handful of companies offering a diverse and engaging mix of commitment and distinctiveness. It will help you to walk through a list of experts embracing a multi-disciplinary approach and covering a range of relevant issues in its sector.

On the Cover of the issue is DiponEd – an innovative healthcare biotechnology R&D driven company. The company is outshining its competitors with its innovative solutions and redefining the Bio Tech segment.
Apart from such an insightful cover story, we have also enlisted, Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre (BBC) is a translational research centre catering to the needs of startups in the broad areas of Life Sciences viz., Health Care (MedTech/ Pharma/ Bio-Pharma), Agriculture, Food/Nutrition, Industrial Biotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology, FastSense Diagnostics (FSD) has taken the responsibility to bring in ‘Change’ which the world is looking forward to, Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (SRL) stands amongst the oldest and most respected manufacturers of specialty fine chemicals, microbiological, nanotechnology and biotechnology reagents, and Transcell Biolife was founded to be a biobank for the intended applications; built on preservation theme and technology translated to apply.

Alongside companies like Catalysts Bio, Clonz Biotech, Cordlife India, Bioxgreen Technology Private Limited and Invitrosense (P) Ltd. have also been featured in the listing of this edition.

While flipping the pages, take note not to miss out the exclusive interview with team Accurex Biomedical Pvt. Ltd. (ABPL). A CXO named ‘Insights to Choosing the Right IVF Center’ by Dr Ritu Hinduja, Senior Consultant – Reproductive Medicine, Nova IVF, Andheri (Mumbai) will make you go gaga.

Turning some more pages will help you find articles masterly crafted out by our in-house Editors. These articles will help you understand the current market scenario of this industry.

Looking at the emerging opportunities and the growing possibilities, this issue of ours will introduce you to a whole new world of novelty.

So, enjoy the exciting read!

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