Walking Down the Data-driven Lane

The skyrocketing number of mobile users has already led to an exponential growth of online data alongside embracing the cutting-edge e-commerce standards. Recent independent research states that the data created and copied by humans annually will reach up to 44 trillion GB by the end of 2020.

Competing in a data-driven world, where deep learning-enabled chatbots are replacing customer service representatives is not an easy task for a plethora of ventures. With day-by-day development of complex and intuitive algorithms, analytical revolutions showcasing tagged and analysed data are becoming the need of the hour. On the other hand, an array of data proliferation and intelligent data analysis is transforming and disrupting diversified business models like never before.
In such a competitive landscape, some companies are embracing tech-enabled advancements, capturing & analysing data, and extracting valuable insights for the betterment of the business world. They are rolling out novel analytics solutions to help organizations meet their goals. Acknowledging the legacy core IT systems and quality & granularity of data they are helping businesses make optimized and informed decisions.
With their curated analytical competencies, these professional ventures are prompting organizations to invest in data analytics as an active means of innovation. They are enabling SMEs to be well-prepared, helping them calculate risks accurately, and laying the foundation of ‘Prominent Analytics Solutions’.
Recognizing such ventures that are revolutionizing the Analytics space and keeping innovation on their radar by staying up-to-speed with the developments, we have come up with this special edition of "The 10 Most Prominent Analytics Companies to Watch". This issue has featured a handful of companies offering a diverse and engaging mix of creativity and distinctiveness. It will help you to walk through a list of professionals embracing a multi-disciplinary approach and covering a range of relevant issues in its sector.

On the Cover of the issue is Equifax Inc. – one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies operating in India through Equifax Credit Information Services Private Limited (ECIS) and Equifax Analytics Private Ltd. (EA). The company is outshining its competitors with its innovative solutions and redefining the Analytics Solution Providers segment.

Apart from such an insightful cover story, we have also enlisted, Aselector Technologies (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. is an organization striving to help organizations make better business decisions with its state-of-the-art analytics consulting services and distinctive online platforms – datapotential.com and aselector.com, Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics is an AI Solutions company focusing on enhancing two core business objectives of ‘Asset Uptime’ and ‘Operational Efficiency’ across the Industrial Automation segment, and TransOrg Analytics is an award-winning player in ‘Analytics and Advisory’ space improving the efficiency and accuracy of business decisions leading to substantial financial gains for client’s business.

Alongside companies like Sciffer Analytics Pvt. Ltd., TEG Analytics, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions India Private Limited, Decimal Point Analytics, Brand Idea Consultancy P. Ltd., and Decisive Analytical Solutions have also been featured in the listing of this edition.

While flipping the pages, take note not to miss out the articles Digital Transformation Journey & Future Road Map by Jagdip Kumar – Head-IT at Cosmo Films Limited and An Overview to Industrial Revolution 2020 by Nakul Shah – Director of Sate Development.

Turning some more pages will help you find out articles masterly crafted by our in-house editors. These articles will help you understand the current market scenario of this industry. Looking at the emerging opportunities and the growing possibilities, this issue of ours will introduce you to a whole new world of novelty.

So enjoy the exciting read!

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