Outbound Training - An Approach towards Enhancing Workplace Performance

The 21st century has been demanding. Though we are able to see innovations in all sectors, it has come at a cost. The cost of an individual’s commitment, his/her passion towards work and delivering excellent products or services have been playing a key role in helping society thrive.

But side by side we are witnessing an era where just like our short attention span, the above attributes of an employee are fading away. Thus organizations, which started with a vision to make a dent in traditional approaches, faltered along the way when their employees lose their vision and motivation.

Companies are now realizing that only hiring employees who are excellent at work is not sufficient. They are seeing, if their employees follow the same daily routine, within the same work environment, they will get eventually get frustrated, exhausted and not able to perform at their peak. Hence organizations are now looking for ways that will help their employees to become motivated, happy individuals and become a great collaborator. One such approach that is bringing about a change in all the industry verticals is Outbound Training Program.

Outbound training programs are methods for enhancing individual and team behavior and organizational performance through outdoor activities and experiential learning methodology. It provides an immersive learning experience and brings out a variety of learning and organizational outcomes.

Conducted around the natural terrain, trees, rocks, and hills, it involves an informal environment. Individuals can immerse themselves and are able to connect to nature. It is also a way of self-expression. The different activities performed in these environments help to bring out an individual’s skills such as leadership, communication, interpretation along with enhancing their emotional intelligence, time management and team bonding.

Hence, in this issue of Insights Success, we bring forth companies that conduct these programs and help an organization strengthen their workforce. Allow us to present to you, The 10 Most Prominent Corporate Outbound Training Providers. These firms with their unique methodology are helping employees and their organizations to be productive, efficient and consistently helping them to deliver quality services to their customers.

On the Cover, we have, Take A Break, a company which aims to make the workplace a fruitful and interactive environment for the employees. Its programs are tailored to its clients’ requirements for an effective impact. Spearheaded by the dynamic duo, Priyanka Juneja, Director and Abhimanyu Khanna, CEO who with their passion and hard work are helping Take A Break to keep on achieving its many milestones.

In this edition we have also enlisted: Bija Training, which aims to transform people through various Outbound Training, behavioral and leadership training programs; Jasmin Waldmann Life Coaching, which is helping people to discover who they actually are; Letscampout, which offers personalized corporate team outbound events; and Satyakam, whose training sessions have the entire focus on High Performance & Teamwork.

Alongside these, we have also added an exclusive interview with Somit Doshi, CEO of Strawberry Outbound. Mr. Doshi provides an insight into the Outbound Industry and how he and his team are ensuring to bridge the experimentation gap that exists in the market.

Also, we see it as a privilege to mention: Garudmaachi, ProaWitz Leadership, Quest Learning Institute, Trebound, and Natura. These companies with their innovative approaches towards outbound training programs are helping organizations thrive.

Additionally, while flipping through the pages don’t forget to go through CXOs and articles written by industry experts and our in-house editorial team.

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