Certification Courses – Need of the Hour
Merely having a degree is not enough. Whether you are a professional or a student, upskilling or becoming industry-ready are very crucial in today’s professional world. Besides, there are those who are unable to avail a regular degree. Here is where certification and training courses come to the rescue.
Gone are those days when your first workplace was your training institution. Companies no longer want raw workforce even if it is their first job. They expect you to have a fair knowledge about your job and the rest becomes easy for both the employers and employees, since the training part would only include the functioning of the company, work pattern and policies.
Apart from these, there are certain skillsets that one may want to acquire and those that are not available as full-fledged degree courses. Here, short-term certification and training courses come handy. And many of these course providers or institutions are recognised by educational institutions and industries. These short-term courses help individuals to expand their knowledge base, learn the latest trends in their respective fields or in the ones that they are interested.
For instance, if you are interested in stock trading but want to acquire in depth knowledge about it, a college degree may not provide you with the requisites, or if you want to become a life coach, a corporate trainer you may not find the necessary courses in a regular college. Moreover, being a professional already, you may not find the time to take another degree. For those who have not been able to adorn their resumes with a graduation degree, such certification and training courses are a boon.
There is a wide array of such courses for one to choose from – be life coach, technical field, finance, information technology, photography, dance, preparation for various entrance exams or even health and fitness. Many of these courses are online, through distance learning or provided even in classrooms.
Browse any social media platform and you will find links or advertisements of various certification courses or training. Many of these are renowned institutes or individuals who have become brands, and certifications acquired from them are considered an add-on to your profile. It gives a message to the recruiters that you are keen on increasing and enhancing your knowledge base for your professional growth.

We, at The Knowledge Review, handpicked few renowned certification and training providers who have created a niche for themselves by picking the pulse of the market and providing quality training.
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