Indian Banking Industry - Surfing the Blockchain Wave
Recent years are evidence that the Indian Banking sector is progressing through a transformational period. With many banks investing massively in the technology, we expect that from this point on, the future lies in the mainstream practice of Blockchain.
Blockchain banking solutions will bring operational efficiency, simplicity, and transparency in banking operations. And from the customer’s point of view, it will reduce transactions from, let’s say, hours to seconds. We also believe that such blockchain developments will bring in a direct impact on reducing operational costs and improving efficiencies.
Furthermore, it will benefit organizations as they can serve more rapidly, firmly, and move on from paper-based to Blockchain stored transaction records. This can also facilitate the expansion of services to underserved small and medium enterprises.
This growth directly emerges from the leading banks proactively investing in blockchain platforms as part of their digital revolution initiative. For instance, while the technology is still early for the country’s banking sector, the leading Indian Banks (ICICI, Axis, and Yes Bank) have confirmed their participation in the Interbank Information Network (IIN)-a peer-to-peer blockchain-based platform that enables faster cross-border payments-. And this reveals our banks’ approach to adopting new technologies.
Furthermore, our nation’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is presently pursuing an approach for developing the ‘National Level Blockchain Framework’. The government perceives potential applications of the technology in governance, banking and finance, and cybersecurity, among others. However, the structure’s potential for mainstream use in the banking sector will only increase in the coming year. Backing this are the many industry leaders of the blockchain and crypto space. They also see technology carrying the disruptive potential in the banking industry.
From here on, banking institutions must gain momentum and concentrate on situations that are challenging in today’s world. They should also encourage the prevailing ones towards the adoption of blockchain and create new models in favor of the customers.
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