Breaking the Shackles – A New Look of the Indian Logistic Industry

Ever thought about the aspects of having a stunning packaging? Broadly, segregated in two segments – protection and shipment. Safeguarding a material from accidental damage, thefts or even tampering along transporting the products within the nation or across the shores are the ultimate objectives for the providers.

Taking a closer look at the logistics industry gives the impression that the industry has transformed in every single way! Now, it is more about showcasing the jubilant face of the industry. Exploring the evolution of the Indian logistics industry is nothing less than an exciting journey consisting of different phases in-between and counting the milestones achieved!

Fuelled by the surge of businesses across the globe, the industry is in the midst of a transitional wave that continues to grow by each passing day. Traditional norms and practices are replaced with innovative business models and technical advancements. Growing customized demands have forced the providers to look out for solutions that are ultimately transforming the entire ball-game of the logistics industry.

While the initial years of the industry faced fragmentation, over the last few decades it has gained noticeable momentum. The industry employs more than twenty-two million people, India slowly but steadily surges ahead in the global rankings in terms of overall logistics performance.

Looking forward, few challenges have to be worked upon collectively, alongside embracing the innovative trends, latest norms, and technologies at the micro-level. Facilitating better credit-flow with longer tenures, construction of multi-modal logistics parks across the key locations, integration of various fragmented resources are some of the points.

Apart from the few established players, the majority of the logistics solution providers are small or medium-based companies. This highlights the urgent need to embrace scientific and functional logistics components into the main sector.

The success of ‘Make in India’ initiative, numerous global brands are shifting their manufacturing base to India alongside the Indian businesses who are scaling new heights. These advancements have opened new opportunities and scope for the Indian logistics industry to take the giant steps forward.

Analyzing the emergence of new entrants along with the established players in the industry, we introduce some of the prominent logistics companies who are contributing to the industry with their innovative solutions. This edition “The 10 Most Recommended Logistic Companies in 2019” aims to highlight the jewels of the Indian logistics industry. Measuring the diverse capability, this magazine is a platform to celebrate the success stories of these players in the best possible way!

On the cover page, we have showcased LogYcode Tech Solutions. It is an NCR based e-commerce start-up that innovative IT-enabled solutions and services to re-engineer logistics business processes to meet the demands and the desire arising from the digital transformation of the industry.

This edition also includes Jay Storage Solutions which is an intelligent storage solution provider company. Maxwell Logistics Pvt. Ltd has diligently worked towards innovating solutions that have helped them to be the preferred choice of their clientele. Providing seamless end to end logistics solutions that ensure smooth process flow aided the by latest technology and experienced workforce, MS Pon Pure Logistics Private Limited is the next company. WOW Express stands tall amongst top logistic players in the country with pan India presence that brings cutting-edge technology to the table.

Alongside we have incorporated a few articles penned by an industry expert and one from our editor. Last but not the least; we also have an interactive interview that talks about the logistics industry.

So flip the pages to uncover the story of the Indian Logistics Industry!

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