The Power of Empathy

When it comes to achieving success in business, leading with empathy can be one part of the success, and not the only reason for success. There are a lot of things that sum up success in a business; and without a doubt, empathetic leaders are one of the primary reasons. A leaders’ role revolves around forming values, visions, and employee motivation. They are the key to shape the company’s culture and repute, within and even beyond the company’s walls.

Empathy enables the leader to know if the people you’re trying to reach are actually reached. It will allow you to predict the effect your decisions and actions will have on core audiences and strategize accordingly. Without empathy, you might fail to build a team or nurture a new generation of leaders.

Essentially empathy makes you understand the human environment within which you are operating in business. Thus it leads to make better decisions, craft better tactics, inspire loyalty and communicate more clearly.

“It doesn’t matter where you are on the spectrum in terms of your empathy, or whether you’re a perfectionist CEO, we can all improve.”

Well, in today’s modern age, it is important to get the right leader with great competencies to stay afloat in a competitive business environment. Insights Success has come up with the special issue “The 10 Most Successful CEO’s to Look at in 2019” to applaud successful CEOs who exhibit their commitment to responsible growth and progress. Here, we have tried to focus on leaders who are setting examples and working for the betterment of society.
Some of the below mentioned personalities have grabbed our attention the most to be featured as the successful CEOs in this edition. They have shown what it means to think out of the box, to take the risk, to trust in the process and commit to the journey no matter how wild the ride is!
On the Cover of the magazine, we have featured the story of Anil Advani, the Founder and Managing Partner of Inventus Law. A passionate business leader, Anil is aiming to see Inventus Law become a global recognition and hopes to operate all over the globe in the near future. Inventus Law represents high growth start-up companies, founders, angel investors, incubators, accelerators, and venture capitals. The law firm advises private equity investors based in Silicon Valley, New York, India, Europe, and Southeast Asia.
We have enrolled a passionate entrepreneurial figure, who has come up with the most unique solutions, Natasha Mudhar, the Global Chief Executive at Sterling Media & The World We Want as ‘An Assiduous Leader Making a Difference’. Natasha assures full integrity in every small effort, while her company, Sterling Media & The World We Want is a communications consultancy, and specializes in generating bespoke client-focused, social and professional campaigns.
Apart from this, we have also listed the following personas who are building the unique path. Mr. Mohar V the Co-founder and CEO of TECHVED, a leader and trailblazer in the tech industry. Prakash K.V, the Managing Director of Vaskleen Laundry Services Pvt Ltd(VLSPL) is here to stay as an ideal example who has revolutionized the fabric care industry at a national level.
Along with this, we have an exclusive ‘Interview with Insights Success’. Here, Bansi Mehta, the CEO and Founder of Koru UX Design; and Mr. Puneet & Mr. Yatin Jain, Directors of ODHNI; talk about their overall journey and the influences made by their firm, service offerings, winning honors, current and future perceptions.
So, flip the pages of our magazine and explore interesting insights into the world of business!

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