Noting perhaps is as important for a Covered Entity and its Business Associate as HIPAA compliance. Compliance or lack of it with HIPAA will decide their very existence as a business. Does it need repetition that HIPAA compliance is absolutely critical for a Covered Entity and a Business Associate?

It is not enough for a Covered Entity or a Business Associate to merely provide the appropriate patient rights and controls on its uses and disclosures to show compliance with HIPAA: it has to also be able to demonstrate that it has been doing this.

The CE or BA should, in a compliant manner, carry out the appropriate analysis of the risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic Protected Health Information (PHI). Not doing so cannot give the CE or BA the confidence that it is ensuring protection of the PHI from susceptibilities. These could include losing of a device holding data, or the occurrence of either accidental acts or intentional acts, such as cyberattacks, among others. It is well known that the incidence of cyberattacks on medical data has been on a sharp rise of late.

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