When you first hear the names of great entrepreneurs (not business people but entrepreneurs), it usually doesn’t mean anything to you at the time – They might just be starting out or might already have a thriving business.

Then all of a sudden, but in some cases; slowly, you began to realize how much they mean to you.

And this is usually because you have come to realize they have changed my life.

You read, heard, or watched their stories; and unaware to your conscious mind, you are already following them, learning from them, and wanting to be like them.

You have fallen in love and that when you discovered.

They come in different shapes and forms. Some were already considered "successful" before they become entrepreneurs; that is, a safe job, decent money, a nice place to live. While others were considered nobodies with big visions and dreams; always having a plan or two, always working on something that never seems to come to fruition.

But for the then so-called successful one, they have had enough; enough of the corporate world, the money-grabbing, the status chasing, and the holidays that leave them feeling lonely and worthless.

So, they did something crazy: took 6 months off, rake in all their savings, some even sold some stuff, and moved back with their parent or a smaller place.

All these, to start a business with no guarantee of success expect what they believe in their heads.

And what's more, they usually choose the same place to start - a garage.

As for those entrepreneurs who started as nobodies, they already had nothing to their names, so nothing to even sell. They counted themselves lucky if they even had a garage to start from.

So, in the end, all great entrepreneurs start from the same place: The Bottom.

But, as soon as they start, they recover the joy of living: the love for their work; for their dream and visions. However, reality quickly strikes; waking them much sooner than is fair.

Love is for the heart and food is for the stomach. They cannot work for free forever, in order for their vision to stand, they need monetization.

Each person to his path. However, 90% of these great entrepreneurs you love end up spending 2 – 5 years grinding, sweating, believing, and working hard, pushing before their business really takes off; before profitability becomes a reality.

If you happen to be among the diligent few who seek their wisdom, you will hear them teaching the 10 habits that helped them succeed and in summary, their secret is summarized as do the work you love and help others through it, with it, or while doing it.


The Key Success Habits of Great Entrepreneurs you too can cultivate

Great Entrepreneurs change the world, even if they don’t make loads of money from a business. For them, it only takes one of their businesses or ideas to do that. They believe that "it's very hard to fail completely if you aim high enough."

They also know there is a process; just as Rome wasn’t built in one day, so also don’t try to change the world in a day. Develop your consistency and allow the process of time to complete the change.


These are the 10 most important habits Great Entrepreneurs use to growing as a person, a brand, and a business.


  1. A Strategy Implements Your Vision

Great Entrepreneurs’ extraordinary talent is not really what you may be thinking - it's strategy. They are able to identify the right people and put them in the right place, just like the story of Richard Branson.

They groom and build strong teams around themselves and their vision. They also treat everyone and opportunities as a mentor, humbling themselves and learning every day at all times. With this attitude, they are able to develop the best business and life mindsets, strategies, and tactics.


  1. Win by being Flexible and Adaptive

Great Entrepreneurs rarely change their vision. It mostly remains the same no matter what comes their way. However, they are willing to adjust their plan, change the direction or even take a brief calculated diversion on the journey to reaching their goals in business and in life.

If you really want to be like them or to be one of them, then be prepared to tweak your product, service, or whole startup to adapt to major circumstances and hindrances that you may face. Take AnimalPetPalace.com for example. Before the Covid-19, it was a public market or street market type business for pet lovers, meat lovers, and breeders. However, to lessen the covid impact, they were very quick to pivot to online meat rabbit market for breeding rabbits all types of rabbit and to buy rabbit feed, rabbit cage, rabbit foods, or rabbit meat in Ghana, //animalpetpalace.com/.

So, as you observe great entrepreneurs, you will see the influence of the lessons they learned daily in how they live their lives and run their businesses.  So as usual, remember to be humble and glean advice and wisdom from experts or those who have gone before you.


  1. The Bigger the Risk, the Greater the Gain or Loss

You that is afraid of taking any risk, do you know that “not taking a risk” is actually a risk? Usually, a great entrepreneur will tell of one major risk that changed their lives forever, for good or bad.

This could be moving to a new industry or a new country. It could be quitting school or taking a particular course. It could be starting a new business and refusing to invest in a particular venture. Whatever it was, it was a risk for them, especially at that point of making the decision.

Great entrepreneurs are mostly not laid back they are usually demanding; demanding the best of themselves in every aspect of his life and most time of those around them.

Each time you take a risk or a major decision about your products or services, it possible that someone or a group of people will be offended but it's an essential step to growing your business and accomplishing your vision.


  1. Take MASSIVE ACTION: Giant Leaps

One thing that has truly made Great Entrepreneurs is the dedication to work. Also, they are not active just for the sake of... 80% of the time they leave the baby steps to others and take the massive actions, the Giant leaps.

Another massive action that directors of AnimalPetPalace.com in Ghana took was to offers online professional short courses in ghana at DWTA best ict school in ghana with niit courses, ipmc courses and feesThis step allowed them to teach animal care and breeding that uses automation and IoT. By doing this, they developed a new income stream, with a minimal cost because it’s a partnership. These moves also allow them to educate their customer base and interested staff making a stronger team.

With a full team, that’s dedicated to your vision and brand. People who are hardworking and you leading by example encouraging everyone to put in long hours of work to mastermind and perfect your products, while mentoring one another.

Great Entrepreneurs aren’t without other commitments: some spend extensive time in prayer and serving in church, while others nurture their relationships and family, but they are able to work extensive hours on end as they build something world-changing.


  1. Serve the Creator by Helping Others

Like most great entrepreneurs will say, "if you help others, you will be helped." Most people have to experience this wisdom themselves to believe it: - but you have to act first, start helping more genuinely from your heart, and see what happens over time.

Great entrepreneurs are great givers, they give at all times and all places. And oftentimes they gave help, wisdom, money, time, etc what they gave returns to them incredibly valuable, helping them break through obstacles and barriers that hinder their growth and success.

It doesn’t always happen immediately or at the beginning but it does accumulate and piles up and one day they will overflow back to you. It might take years but as you do good and help others, other greats who have go ahead of you will one day find you and help you too.

To get the most support, be amazing to others, and build amazing things - cool enough to encourage use, but useful enough that they're of great help.


  1. Do What Fears You, Meet the Resistance

Great entrepreneurs move in the direction they fearfully or lazily want to avoid and the reason that do so is because that’s the path that moves or advances them the fastest.

They do the things that scare them and conquer them forever.

When you are overcoming the scariest of the most tedious tasks of the day, week, or month, you will grow your business faster as you are facing the resistance and taking giant leaps – massive actions.

For example, AnimalPetPalace.com continues to wow in its entrepreneurial spirit. After going online after covid arrived, they took the opportunity to strengthen a section of the market that was very competitive an that they had always feared Now they offer dogs for sale in Ghana, puppies for sale, types of dogs breeds, dog food, dog house, dog training on AnimalPetPalace.com and its paying off.

So, if you tackle the difficult tasks, at the end of the week or month or year, you will feel accomplished and rewarded because you know “scary” and important activities and tasks have been done.


  1. Nurture True Disciples and Fans

Great entrepreneurs know that in the end, the real success is when you have groomed so many others just like you. That’s true disciples and fans. People who will inherit your vision and carry on your work and legacy.

So great entrepreneurs know they have to be authentic and genuine. That they have to be the face or embodiment of their brand; living out their teaching and message in their own lives.

This way they are able to raise strong and loyal proteges, fans, and disciples. By helping people while also being genuine you develop a culture so strong that it ripples through your company and disciple community. With new fans learning automatically from the old.


  1. Be Perfect Only to the point of Limitation

It’s great to be excellent and perfect. But great entrepreneurs have already come to terms with the fact that they know everybody won’t do stuff exactly like them. They demand perfection and attention to details but not to the point that work gets crippled.

They know that people need time to grow and won’t be exactly like them from day one. Great Entrepreneurs are able to realize when perfectionism is becoming procrastination and hindering the growth of the business.


  1. People Matter, Spend Time with the Right ones

It’s a generally accepted fact; great entrepreneurs are very busy people. So, their time is very valuable to them. Therefore, they only spend it with people who are like themselves. People who are serious in life with a vision that they are actively working while helping people along the way.

To get the attention of great entrepreneurs, you have to position yourself in a way or place where you can be of reasonable help to them. But, if you have already grown your business, vision, or following to a level similar to theirs' or above them, then you can get some of their time. And most likely because they want to learn a thing or two for their own progress.

Remember, those who work on their team are only serious hardworking people, people who them and their vision and are willing to work for or with them the long, crazy hours.


  1. A Brand That is Loved Lives

Great entrepreneurs develop brands that are loved because they are consistent; and genuinely helpful to their community of users and customers. Everything that has to do with the brand, be it events, people, products, ads, etc carries the brand’s personality and resonates with their target audiences.

They are building a brand that is as diverse as possible, welcoming and accepting others from different professions, industries, cultures, and countries.

Great entrepreneurs create wonderful businesses where culture, people, community, and content come first, and money becomes their reward for doing the right things while helping others.

Author's Bio: 

Ikhraaf Qaiser is a blogger and renowned author on many websites. He loves to write about health, lifestyle, and travel.