Reiki is a healing technique which was developed by the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1922, this is a spiritual healing rather than the physical. The word Reiki is a combination of two words Rie “spiritual wisdom: and Ki “universal life energy”. As cleared from the meaning, the Reiki emphasize on the spiritual guidance on the energy of life which means that all the energy of life must be obtained spiritually and spiritually active souls the are more likely to be energetic, alive and peaceful.

As the stress and depression increasing day by day, the need of meditation is also increasing that is why many of us are looking for the solutions which provide peace to our mind and soul. The Reiki is the right solution for these problems and helps you achieve a complete peace of mind and spiritual guidance.

Many of us believe that the problems we face each day are due to the spiritual lacking in our lives, therefore, spiritual awaking helps us to have a better life.

10 facts of Reiki everyone must know:

1.Reiki is spiritual healing technique:

When we have any physical issue we go to the expert for its repairing but for spiritual healing, there is less option especially which is not religious. The Reiki is a religious method but a spiritual one, therefore people of any religion can do this. This technique will help you to heal your soul and boost your spirituality by simple meditation techniques which surround yourself only. The healing can be done by yourself after learning the technique as well as it can be done anywhere anytime.

2.Reiki helps in increasing Life Force Energy:

The concept of Reiki revolves around the life force energy; those who have low life force energy are susceptible to illness and might catch a cold. If your life force energy is good, it will help in building good health, mind, and soul. The Reiki helps in improving your Life Force Energy which can fix many health and spirituality issues.

3.Reiki is a relaxing experience:

If you are new to Reiki, you must know that Reiki is provided to a fully clothed person. During the Reiki session, the therapist asks you to lie down or comfortably sit on a chair, the therapist will gently touch different body location which is considered the main energy centers called chakras. Many practitioners even hold hands above the body surface to involve positive energy. The Reiki don’t involve and physical manipulation, body pressure or any needles, it is very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

4.You can easily learn the Reiki techniques:

The Reiki is different from the other types of meditation and it is believed that the master transfers the technique to his students by using different pathways of energy. This process is called attunement in which the adjustments are made according to the student’s meridians, chakras, and the Reiki energy is channeled from teacher to student.

The techniques can be easily and quickly learned for the self-care purpose, it can also be helpful for guiding your partner, friends and other groups of people but for those who want to be an expert in Reiki must go through the level one and level two process and training.

5.You can do it with a partner:

As Reiki therapist, you don’t need to transfer your own energy to someone else instead the energy is their own body is improved with the session and touch. This healing doesn’t require transferring of energy that is why the therapist doesn’t feel exhausted. Therefore you can do the session with your family members, friends, and partner, those who can do Reiki on themselves daily for 10 to 20 minutes.

6.It will improve your hormones and sex life:

As Reiki also helps in boosting your self-esteem and confidence the one who is experiencing to will feel better about themselves. The other good thing about Reiki is it will help you to heal and over come from trauma, beliefs, and fears of life which reconnect you with your life and you will feel better at sex as well as other health.

The one good factor about Reiki is it helps in improving the PMS and hormones as one of the seven Chakras are responsible for balancing hormones and hormone-secreting activities. Reiki improves in better flow of health energy and harmony.

7.Reiki will boost immunity system:

As Reiki helps in improving the stress and depression as well as reducing the negative energy form the body the positive energy will help your body to boost your immunity system and prepare your brain to repel the diseases and flow the wellbeing and health in your body.

8.Reiki will improve your sleep:

The Reiki is being used for a good night sleep for a long time as It helps to relax your body and sooth your thought by reducing the stress your brain an body will feel light and reduce the affects of sleeping difficulties. It is all about changing your lifestyle into more positive and relaxed one. You should learn to sleep via meditation.

9.It will help you in your work:

If you are having a tough time at work dealing with the bad boss, workload or issues with colleagues than try to manage it with Reiki. You can step out of your cubicle in fresh air or just comfortably sit in your chair or cubical and start the Reiki session. It will take only a few minutes but will refresh your mind and improves your performance at work too.

10.It can be done anywhere:

The Reiki is ideally done at a quite place preferably open air and fresh environment but it can be done anywhere. The session is an important part of your self-care routine so it’s better to do it anywhere you find time than to miss it such as while watching TV, waiting for the area of the school, dentist or hospital and even while standing in a queue for check out.

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Faheem Jutt is a senior editor of US Updates; that a website which is specialized in providing natural home remedies, tips and also nutrition facts to improve the well-beings.