Surely you also take a while to decide when you change the case of your mobile, and it is not surprising, with so many options available. Which one is best for you?

Something that used to be practically a question of aesthetics, has become something of vital importance for the conservation of mobile phones, which in most cases are almost an extension of our own body and accompany us in any daily activity. The cases are an indispensable resource that always accompanies our mobile phone, such as external batteries for mobile phones, the activity bracelet or the apple watch.

There are covers for all tastes and needs, and as it is increasingly essential to carry the mobile everywhere, it is important that you know all the types that exist and chooses the one that is perfect for you!

Silicone covers

The popularity of silicone cases has increased a lot in recent years, the possibility of protecting the phone from the most common damages such as falls or bumps while you personalize your mobile, and all this at a price of around €10. that is the favorite option of many users.

The silicone covers are flexible, so their installation and change are very simple, but they do not protect the mobile against deformations in the same way as other cases.

Good protection of the mobile against shocks and falls
Variety of designs to choose from
Respect the shape and size of the mobile
Put them and remove them is very simple

Rigid case
Rigid covers are especially useful because they protect the phone against deformations when carrying it in a pocket or backpack, apart from protecting it against common damages such as bumps and falls.

In mobile phones like the first editions of the iPhone 6 at launch, with a high risk of deformation, they are essential.

The customization options are very varied, from those that respect the size and shape of the terminal to special designs, and its installation is very simple, although removing them is a bit uncomfortable in some occasions.

Good protection of the mobile against shocks and falls
Variety of designs to choose from
They are easily put on, they are removed less easily

360 case
The 360 ​​cases for mobile are composed of several pieces or sections to protect all parts of the device, including the screen.

They provide effective protection for the smartphone to protect all its parts, so its installation is somewhat more complicated as they are several pieces fitted and most common is that they are rigid.

There are different designs in different colors and gradients, but there are not as many to choose from as other types of cases.

Good protection of the mobile against shocks falls and scratches
Removing them can be hard work
Limited designs

Liquid screen protector
The liquid protectors for screens of electronic devices consist of a special liquid that is applied according to the manufacturer's instructions, leaving a thin film of protective material on the screen of the phone or tablet and avoiding any chafing or accidental hit.

Although the most common is to find screen protectors, also begin to exist "covers" full of this kind of materials, which allow caring even the camera lenses.

Its price is higher than in conventional cases and must be replaced after a certain time indicated by the manufacturer.
The application of liquid protectors is somewhat more complicated: You have to clean the device with the elements supplied by the manufacturer, and then rub the product on its surface and leave it for about 12 hours during which it can not be touched so that the liquid Protector dry.

They do not alter the design of the mobile since the material is completely transparent.

Good protection of the mobile against scratches and bumps
Does not alter the design or the size of the mobile
You have to apply it carefully following the instructions
It is spent over time and must be replaced

Book covers
The mobile book covers are a very popular option, they consist of a silicone sleeve attached to a kind of "book" formed by two flaps, which allow the protected mobile phone to be carried inside.

They offer good protection against accidental damage, and also cover the screen.

Being a very popular option, the number of designs is huge, and its installation is as simple as that of a silicone case.

They make the mobile bulge more, so they allow a greater grip surface, and the characteristics can vary a lot from one model to another: Some have closures to prevent it from opening when carrying it in a bag or pocket; as well as straps to attach it to the wrist, and additional pockets or supports to place the mobile vertical on a surface without having to hold it.

Good protection of the mobile against shocks falls and scratches
Increased grip surface, increase the size of the mobile
Many designs and features to choose from
Increase the size of the mobile

Cover with lid
The covers with cover are similar to book covers since the mechanics are very similar but instead of opening like a book, they open vertically.

They effectively protect the device from accidental damage since they completely cover it, and its installation is as simple as the silicone cases.

They can be found in a large number of designs and features just like the book covers, and also like these make the Smartphone a little bigger.

Good protection of the mobile against shocks falls and scratches
Many designs and features to choose from
Increased grip surface, increase the size of the mobile

Case covers, covers and sock covers
The sock covers are small sacks of soft textile material into which the mobile is inserted.

There are a large number of designs available, and even it is very simple to make them in a homemade way, but they do not offer great protection against damages.

The Mobile cover on our case is similar to the sock cases but are made of more resistant materials and padded to protect more effectively the device.

It is necessary to remove the device to use it in both options, which can be a little uncomfortable.

Simply enter into mobile within
They can be done in a homemade way
You have to remove it to use it
The covers of textile materials do not offer good protection against bumps and falls
The resistant and padded covers protect the mobile against shocks, falls and scratches

Wallet covers and pursues cases
Wallet covers are like book covers, but have additional compartments to carry more items in the case and thus eliminate the need to carry a wallet.

The bag covers take this even further, resembling a small bag that can be carried hanging.

Their performance can vary greatly from one model to another, it is common to have straps to hold the device on the wrist, and zippers or zippers to keep things inside.

Both options offer good protection and are available in a variety of designs, but can be a bit cumbersome if you do not take into account the additional storage space to avoid carrying things in your pockets or purse.

Good protection of the mobile against shocks falls and scratches
Wide variety of designs
Additional storage space
Wrist support in some cases

Battery charger cases, battery cases
The charger covers or battery cases are housings that have their own battery, thus having a built-in Powerbank.

They are thick, and designs are more limited than in other types of cases.

They offer protection equivalent to a rigid case, with the addition that also the battery of the case can be damaged if it receives a strong blow.

Good protection of the mobile against shocks and falls
The Powerbank can be damaged if it receives a blow
Limited designs
Additional battery

Bracelet covers, belt clip covers, lanyard covers
The covers with belt clip, allow having the mobile hanging from the belt and at hand at all times without having to remove it from the pocket, also avoiding damage when sitting.

The bracelet covers are especially suitable for sports since they allow the mobile to be attached to the arm without the danger of falling and having access to it at all times.

The covers with lanyard, allow carrying the mobile subject of the neck, which is very useful to have it at hand and prevent accidental loss or fall.

Most of these cases offer protection equivalent to a rigid case, and their designs are also very varied.

Good protection of the mobile against shocks and falls
They allow accessing the mobile easily in its different varieties
Wide variety of designs and specifications

Anti-shock cases
The anti-shock cases are prepared to withstand very intense shocks and falls, avoiding the potential damage to the phone as much as possible.

They have a larger size than the mobile phone, their installation is simple, and their designs limited, with protective modules on the outside.

They offer the best possible protection against damage
They are thick
Little variety of designs

Waterproof sleeve
The waterproof cases protect the mobile in situations where it can get wet or even fall into the water.

By covering it completely, they also protect it from sand, dust, and solid particles, in general, that can get inside the housing and damage it. These cases are ideal if you want to go to the beach and you are afraid of spoiling your smartwatch, e-book or smartphone.

The designs of this type of covers are very varied, from anti-shock cases that are also waterproof to covers with plugs to prevent the entry of particles inside the phone, covers that make the mobile float in the event of falling into the water or covers with a transparent bag to hang from the neck.

Variable shock protection depending on the model
Protection against water
Wide variety of features depending on the model
Limited designs
Suitable for water sports
Additional clamping and flotation devices in some cases

As you can see, there are covers for all tastes, colors, and needs. You just have to think about how you are going to use it to choose your prince charming!

What is your favorite case? Is there any more than you would add to the list?

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