I have noticed over time that there are distinct differences in the mindset and my entire set of lifestyle practices (be it in business, socializing, or conducting my personal affairs such as learning or just living) that I had at times which were characterized by either struggle or success, and I have noticed the same elements in my clients and the other people I have worked with over the course of my life and career. And so for your benefit I have composed a list of these 15 factors so that you can choose success rather than struggle in your life and business.

1.) Those who struggle have a “Can’t Do” attitude and those who are successful have a “Can Do” attitude.

2.) Those who struggle do not take advice, get offended by criticism rather than using it, and do not like to be taught or even think that they do not have any of the information/resources that they need, or that they should be learning and trying to improve. Those who succeed are always seeking knowledge and advice, are teachable adn trainable, use criticism to make course corrections and thrive on it and learning, and seek mentors and teachers and are always improving no matter how far they get.

3.) Those who struggle are non-chalant and careless, those who succeed are critical thinkers.

4.) Those who struggle allow themselves to be hurt and become negative when bad things happen to them. Those who succeed stay positive even though bad things happen to them too.

5.) Those who succeed know who they are, what they are about and value, what their lifes purpose is and what they want in life, what their goals, dreams and aspirations are, and thus they have definitive ideas about what they are doing and what they are going to accomplish and how (/why). Those who struggle do not have definitive ideas about such things, but have a non-descript idea of and wish for success, which is unattainable because of the fact that it is too abstract and unclear.

6.) Those who succeed manage their egonomic resources (time, energy, money and other resources) well and practice investing rather than spending. Those who struggle do not manage their resources carefully and spend money, time and energy carelessly rather than seeing everything as an investment.

7.) Those who struggle are only looking for job security and only feel safe being an employee of someone elses, but then often find themselves not advancing professionally fast enough, and even find themselves out of a job at times, because they are not the ones in control of their own career. Those who succeed are self starters with an entrepreneural mindset who are responsible for their own career and who invest their money and cultivate multiple streams of income so that they are always taken care of and accruing more and more money.

8.) Those who succeed maintain a healthy wholesome balanced lifestyle and those who struggle do not take care of their health and live imbalanced lives.

9.) Those who succeed practice social networking and cultivate lots of healthy relationships and develope a large social network. Those who struggle stick to closed social circles and have limited social lives and limiting social behaviors.

10.) Those who struggle will give up when they get rejected or fail, those who succeed persist through rejection and failure, improving their methods and trying again and again until something works.

11.) Those who struggle are closed minded, set in their ways, and do not make course corrections, but will keep doing things the same way even if it doesn’t work, and do not like to try new things. Those who succeed are open minded, enjoy trying many different things and doing things in new ways, and will experiment and explore different options to find the best ones and are always looking for flaws and faults to correct and ways to change and improve what they do.

12.) Those who struggle are selfish and self serving and thus are left alone to serve themselves. Those who succeed help others and oftentimes get those favors returned and find themselves being helped and furthered by others.

13.) Those who succeed are proud of their integrity and maintain it in their business practices. Those who struggle are just looking to succeed for the sake of doing so.

14.) Successful people take responsibility for their lives and own their mistakes and problems and are in charge of their own results. Those who struggle blame others for their problems and look to others for hand outs and opportunities.

15.) Successful people know that they are not their behaviors and are always cultivating and developing their personalities and persona and bettering themselves and turning their weaknesses and behavioral threats into strengths and opportunities. Those who struggle think that they are who they are and dont develop themselves or their behaviors, lifestyle, personality, image, etc.

Notice any patterns there? Of course you did, because you are an intelligent critical thinker…

Who will succeed if you use these principles in your life.

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And enjoy the great success that you will have with these principles, and the development of your dream life!

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Brian Krall is a Personal Development Specialist, Social Scientist, Ontologist/Logotherapist and Entrepreneur Coach. He has a Personal Development company called True Life Development where he offers a free self help resource library and a store full of next level products and programs. Be sure to check it out here now so that you can succeed and self actualize in everything you want to do in life! www.TrueLifeDevelopment.com