In the 1950s, fashion took a different dimension and differs from the earlier periods and after the Second World War. Clothing during this period was more custom-made and fitted. You will discover the impact of 1950s fashion trends on the clothes that people dressed in these days, if you take ample time to read the fashion history of that period. In the recent past, nearly all the trends from the 1950s have experienced a complete restoration.

There are quite a lot of fashion trends from the ‘50s that have returned into fashion today and will keep dominating our wardrobes, particularly for men. The checked clothing is the foremost among these trends.

The Floral Patterns

These are a big trend from 1950s fashion that will go well on any style of clothing material. The ‘50s fashion trends were ground-breaking in a way that it transformed how people dressed up and showed themselves. As a matter of fact, it was during this period that distinctiveness, which turned out to be the watchword for 60s fashion began gaining prominence.

1950s Fashion for Men

1950s fashion for men actually put comfort far above trends. As a result, the majority of the clothing for men from the 1950s was well thought-out and simple to administer.

During this decade, flannel and other attractive styles were very popular, with men dressing in jackets manufactured of tweed most often. On the other hand, suit jackets having lines were very much in high demand just like the natural colored jackets. As for official wear, the trousers continued to be en suite for men. It was during this era that the bell bottoms made their first emergence.

The denim jeans were even better thought-out and much according to what trends say nowadays. This period was when fashion trends witnessed the coming out of shorter and narrower shirt shackles that made men more comfortable. At that time, sleeves were not loose but they were well fitted.

The Influence of Elvis Presley Style

Presley style had a huge influence on fashion wears for men in the 1950s. It was during that time that the leather jackets began to dominate the fashion scene. Shirts selected for casual wear often had stitching. The clothes were extremely influenced.

In the ‘50s, shirts were habitually dumpy, slack, and with short sleeves. Consequently, hats lost the edge they had enjoyed till that period. Most students who were men favored dressing in pants made of Khaki, and plaid with checkered shirts to match. People like Elvis Presley and some others actually dictated and influenced clothing in the ‘50s.

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