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Though they have been understated in most sectors of professional and corporate life, women worldwide are certainly picking up fast to catch up with men. Gone are the days when the dreams of breaking the barriers and reaching the topmost step in the corporate ladder were nearly impossible for women. Today, the women of the world have come a long way from being just a homemaker and are an equal competition to some of the most powerful men in the corporate sphere. From being the heads of global business giants to founders to some the most innovative start-ups, women have achieved almost every milestone one can think of. But their journey to the hall of fame wasn't that easy as it looks, they have fought against various negative views and proved their potential against all doubts be it regarding their leadership competences or their entrepreneurial skills.

Today, the list of women entrepreneurs has extended many industries which include fashion, tech, healthcare and security as well. In its upcoming edition “The 20 Most Successful Businesswomen to Watch 2020” Insights Success has listed the top successful businesswomen who have made a significant mark this decade. This list is in no particular order and not presenting particular sector, but strives to recognize women who have created a world-renowned brand through their own idea, commitment and hard work.

Thus, in this edition, we have talked about some of the most successful female business leaders/ entrepreneurs of the world who are an inspiration for every emerging entrepreneur out there. This list includes businesswomen who have steered the prospects of some high profile firms and companies towards success under their leadership. The cover features Kimberly Khoury, the Chief Commercial Officer and Vice President of Sustainability at Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services; one of the largest, most widely recognized commercial landscaping companies in Canada. Kimberly manages a variety of projects involving customer service, operations, sales, marketing, and human resources.

Kimberly laid the foundation and set out on the path to leading Clintar-founded organization – Women of Commercial Landscaping (WCL) – to empower other women to reach similar success. She has worked to encourage women to gain confidence in their decisionmaking, enrich themselves through education, and fulfil their leadership potential in their chosen fields.

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